Friday, April 6, 2012

A Personal Testimony of The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

I have spoken before about my personal experience in being baptized in the Holy Spirit.  So many people do not understand this, shun it, and mock it...even in the church.  Nothing makes the Holy Spirit grieve within me more than to see professing Christians mock spiritual things which they do not understand.

In the following videos, Bro. Ryan Hicks and Pastor Zac Poonen talk about experiencing the infilling of the Holy Spirit and how it empowers God's people for ministry.


  1. We all totally need the baptism of the holy Spirit. This is essential to the Christian life.

    When I study I get two things: Being filled and being baptized. I'm beginning to think they are one in the same and that we must continue to be filled with the Holy Spirit as Paul instructs.

    Also, this cannot happen until we fully repent, give everything up and then move out in Christ.

    I was just watching a video by Bro Zac Poonen on this:

  2. Thank you Bro. Neal! I have added that video to the post.

  3. What a great preaching! This really spoke to my spirit today! I had an experience not too long ago where I was filled with so much fear--about a surgical procedure I was about to go through. I experienced this fear for many days and was paralyzed by it. I could not function; all I could do was cry. Finally, the Lord spoke to my spirit while I was reading the book of Mathew and told me to pray in tongues. He confirmed this by telling my daughter, who does not and never has spoken in tongues, to tell me that she felt God wanted me to pray in tongues.

    I sat up on my bed one morning and began to just weep. Before I knew it I was speaking in tongues and I felt the spirit of fear literally leave my body. It was as if something snapped, and I was free. It was an amazing experience to feel God's power like that. The tongues edified me! I get that now!


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