Saturday, April 7, 2012

What is Coming to the Earth?

Katy Perry dressed as an extraterrestrial (ET).
Why is there so much of a preoccupation with seeking alien life forms, UFOs, and visits from ETs?  This message is being promoted in virtually every arena of life.

Some say that it is ignorant for us to assume that we are the only forms of life in the universe...and they are correct.  However, the essence of truth is only defined by the One who is the Creator of all.  If we are defining what is true by any other standard, then we will be deceived.

The Bible tells us that there is extraterrestrial (originating outside of or beyond the earth) life.  God Himself is "extraterrestrial" in that His life did not originate from nor is it limited to this world.  However, there are also a host of God's creations which are "extraterrestrial", and not all of them are Godly.  Satan & his hordes of demons are extraterrestrial, and the Scriptures speak of how fallen angels mixed with the "seed" (from the Hebrew word zera` meaning semen; Daniel 2:43) of men to produce a hybrid, race of "mighty men" (Genesis 6:4).

The following videos start with a speech by Dr. Michio Kaku (physicist) at the Global Competitiveness Forum (GCF) conference called, "Contact: Learning from Outer Space". According to Dr. Kaku, the current world's culture - politics, music, entertainment, sports, etc. - are manifestations of the "birth pains" of a type of a new civilization which is evolving.  The purpose of this new civilization?  To make us more in sync with the supernatural beings from outer space with whom they desire to make contact.  Every nuance of what you see promoted in the world is geared towards this goal, according to Dr. Kaku.

Scientists go on further to say how altered DNA is leading scientists to redefine "life" and will shortly aid in identifying new life forms; in the earth and beyond.

Some may laugh this off and consider it wacky.  However, prominent global business leaders, politicians, scientists, religious pundits and journalists wholeheartedly believe this and place the backing of their power/influence behind it in order to prepare us for it.  If we do not know this, then we will not understand much of what we see in the world, nor be prepared spiritually to stand against it.

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  1. We defintely need to be more spiritually discerning and resist this tide of satanic deception. When we abide in Christ, His word abiding in us, He is our only shelter and strength against this rising tide. Unfortunately, some Christ followers don't believe these things are possible and tend to think we should just ignore satan. We can go to extremes of either ignoring or looking too much into the satanic schemes. I prefer what it says in God's word "...submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee..."(James 4v7).


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