Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Salvation Kit

The following is a collection of Omega Ministies teachings which are great ministry resources for those needing the truth.  Whether someone is lost, a new convert to the faith, or an existing believer who wants to "stir up" the gifts God has placed within them, these sermons will strengthen the walk of every one seeking after righteousness.

The set provides over 20 hours of bible messages dealing with such subjects as: What does it mean to be saved?  What is the difference between salvation and religion?  What are some of the main deceptions which you will likely never hear of in so-called churches?  What does it mean to have received the Holy Spirit?  Why have you been saved by God and what do you do now?

The Salvation Kit

The Power Of A Selfless Life
The Religious Matrix
The Titanic
The Beast Is In The Beats
Have You Received The Holy Ghost
Getting Out Of The Matrix
Judgment Day
Saved By A Drunk Man

Please visit the following site to get your copies of this kit, which should be heard by one and all:

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