Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Right To Kill My Child

When Man Determines that He is God

In the news currently is the story of the Hauser family. The son Daniel has Hodgkins Lymphoma and after one Chemo session, he and his family decided that they no longer want to pursue this treatment option. Instead, they want to pursue alternative methods of cancer treatment.

Those who follow this blog may understand why this is particularly interesting to me. I am a cancer survivor and have previously shared my story about how Jesus Christ led me to a natural, alternative approach to treating cancer. They claimed that without chemo and radiation, I would die. Yet they didn't know that without Jesus, I could not live.

Similar claims are being made about Daniel Hauser. Without chemo, they say, he will die. I have no knowledge of course about whether he will live or die - either with or without chemo - and neither do they! Yet, I do find this entire story rather interesting.

The courts have decided that he (nor his parents) have a right to make a choice about what course of treatment he should take. They have mandated that he will take the chemo sessions, even if it means removing him from his parents and placing him in foster care.

In fear, the mother Colleen is now on the run with her son, seeking alternative care in Mexico. There is a manhunt underway for these "fugitives" as the U.S. government seeks to bring him back for treatment. Makes you wonder. Are they going to tie him down, squeeze his nose shut, and force his mouth open as well? Or maybe they will just strap him in and jab the needle into his arm?

This decision by our courts and the effort by our government seems somewhat puzzling, if not hypocritical to me. Is this not a country where I have the right to kill my children if I want to? Aren't we as a society butchering over 1 million babies a year? Why all of a sudden is there such a concern about life? Or maybe it is not about life at all, and much less about poor Daniel and his family?

I cannot say what treatment Daniel should have and I agree that the government has a role in keeping the well-being of society. Yet where is the line drawn? Is the government saying that the decisions they make for our children have more authority than our own?

Some may say that this is "reasonable" action by our government. But what happens when you no longer consider their decisions reasonable? Schools are being turned into pharmacies as they dispense birth control without parental consent. We are being told that young girls even have the right to an abortion without parental consent.

What happens when the government says that your obligation to do what they say trumps your choice to pursue another solution? When children are "emancipated" to protect their individual rights (although apparently not the right to life in a womb)?

What happens when the thoughts of man become elevated as God, and those who believe otherwise are seen as a threat to themselves and others?

I know nothing of the Hauser family's beliefs, but what I can see is a continued focus by the media on religious "extremists", "cults", and "fringe groups". Ideals of faith are being continuously juxtaposed against reason in an effort to make people of faith appear not only illogical but dangerous fanatics. In the latter days, the Christian is the enemy to peace and order. The Christian becomes the "hater". Yet, we know that this was all foretold.

Jesus said, "Yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service." (John 16:2b)

No one knows whether Daniel Hauser will live or die, even with chemo. I pray that he is cured and his health restored. Yet whether he lives or dies is not something that man can say with any determination. Increasingly society operates more and more as if there is no hope for man outside of man. In a Godless society where faith in God is an alien and unwelcome concept, all we are left are the imaginations and contentions of man presented as "undisputed fact".

"Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD." Jeremiah 17:5

Look at the next two videos to see how the media perverts the real issues in order to present a bias against faith in the public eye.
Here is also a great resource on cancer: Wisdom From Above...for Cancer.

Learn more about "Big Pharma" and their marketing of drugs to consumers. People need to remember that these are companies needing to make a profit. They are not altruistic organizations dedicated to healing the sick. They are businesses trying to sell their products.

Efforts by drug companies to expand the market and increase profits by using "Me Too" drugs in a battle of the brands. These companies will even cannibalize their own drug markets by repackaging virtually the same drug as new and marketing it to the same audience.

Did you know that it is also common practice for drug companies to repackage existing drugs as "new" drugs in order to target different illnesses? This allows them to reach a broader audience of consumers and increase profits. Watch this video to find out more.

Under the guise of "education", pharma companies' use of direct consumer marketing may be resulting in the over-medication of society. There is a push to prescribe that is unhealthy. This is even made worse by the gifts and freebies given to doctors as soon as they enter medical school.

Watch this video to understand how pharma companies influence government entities and medical schools. The pharma lobby is the largest in the country.

Watch this video to see how drug company-sponsored "clinical trials" pose HUGE ethical dilemmas and conflicts of interest. The pharma companies design the studies and control the data for 90% of the clinical trials testing the efficacy of their drugs. The FDA relies on these results for drug approval. Further, the medical journal publications from "experts" touting the benefits of these drugs are often from doctors who have financial ties to the drug company.


  1. The following was our response to a discussion about this case that we felt merited being posted here.

    It is true that children are not capable of making these types of decisions. That is why the have parents.

    The problems is that false assumptions are being made regarding what is “the” source for determining what is “effective”, what is the “standard of care”, and what information exists in order to be “informed”. Yet, there is inherent blindness and conflicts of interest in this industry that no one seems to want to talk about.

    When the companies MAKING the drugs are:

    * The same ones funding the research
    * Influencing medical school curricula
    * and Incentivizing physician referrals


    * The organization charged with oversight (FDA) is making money from the ones it oversees

    THAT does not result in “informed” anything. It results in propaganda.

    Does this mean that all drug medication is worthless? Of course not. However there has been for years a concerted effort by pharma companies to control the market so to speak and limit the availability of other viable treatments that threaten their profits, especially when it comes to cancer.

    It does not take a rocket scientist to understand why chemo is considered the most effective treatment when in fact the information, testing, and peer reviews are funded by the manufacturers of the chemo drugs.

    There are MANY effective treatments for cancer that will never be fully evaluated publicly simply because it would cause these companies to lose too much money. The natural alternative that removed an aggressive cancer from my body (and still leaves my oncologist speechless) is even listed on the FDA’s list of “Fake Cancer Cures” (although the government itself admits that this treatment does indeed fight against cancer).

    The real traditional treatments in fact would be the herbs, plants, and vitamins which pharma companies research and often try to mimic in developing their patented drugs.

    There is a huge, sick pink elephant in the room, and of course no one wants to discuss it. Perhaps a good dose of chemo would cure this elephant?

  2. this is scary,no joke its like i dont even want to watch the television anymore or nothing cause so many things polluting and corrupting mind slyly i jus want to go somewhere where there are only sincere christians and people that long for christ and christ is and i would feel so good

  3. I am glad to hear of Gods faithfulness to you through your cancer trial. I also had cancer-which was revealed by God to have been for correction and then for trial of faith and He also was very faithful with me. The Lord did have us do the chemo and radiation for my husband, while He had me walking in faith that I was healed before the chemo began. The Lord used the whole thing to really teach us and grow us in hearing His voice and believing HIM. Praise God for your testimony! I believe itis important for saints to post their testimonies online when they can because other saints all over the world sometimes need a witness to the work God is also doing in them.

  4. I agree Jenni and praise God for your testimony on behalf of you and your husband.

    I did have some initial questions at first. Why was this happening? How can I be coming up under what seems to be a curse if I have been serving the Lord?

    But just as you said, He knows what we need to go through in order to be what He knows we can be. The financial trials, health trials, family trials, employment trials, etc. all serve to build up our character, faith, and trust in Him.

    May God continue to strengthen you and your husband as His anointing abides within you.

    God Bless!

  5. Even good works can't be done without money and power. If I want to deliver medication that is proven to work better than all others, to the sick, I'll need to manufacture it, ship it and distribute it. I'll also have to hire the people to manage it, as they need to feed their families too. I'll also have to take a cut in the profits to feed my family. That... is life. Not every country is like the U.S. where health is a market, yet we still use the same medication.

  6. However, when people begin to judge what is "good" by what has the backing of money and power, then they are deceived. Likewise, that which threatens those with money and power, will always be maligned.


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