Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Wonderful World of Pedophilia

It's Just Entertainment?

My family doesn't watch TV much, but I have been noticing a disturbing trend. As commercials come on advertising movies, a number of these have underlying themes involving pedophilia. Of course, the movies are not blatantly pushing this agenda, but it is ever so subtly there.

These are presented a wholesome, family-type movies, but it literally turns my stomach to see even the commercials. When did it become acceptable to portray children as sexual objects? Well, Disney has a large hand in affecting that change.

There have been several examinations of how the Disney company has pushed pedophilia in its animations and movies throughout the years. Walt Disney has produced some of the most racist and sexually perverse media productions out of any one in the world. Yet, as I was growing up as a child, every Sunday night at 7:00 pm was considered family movie night as a Disney film was featured on television. If you do not know the history of perversion behind Walt Disney and the Disney company, then you will want to look into this. There is a video series linked at the end of this article. It goes into some detail about the level of filth that Disney promotes as family entertainment.

We often blog here of things that parents need to be aware of with their children. This is certainly no different. As we reviewed in the Worship of Baal Peor study, children are often the targets of this perversion because that is one way to change the moral compass of society.

There are efforts underway to have pedophilia classified as some sort of genetic disorder. And of course, once that is done, it can be treated the same as homosexuality. You know, it is "normal" because "God created them that way." According to the American Physiology Association (APA) efforts to change sexual orientation do not work because this is just how these people are. And, their own research supports the idea that being sexually abused as a child is really not all that harmful after all.

The popular series Law & Order: SVU will feature this fall what they are calling an "explosive" episode addressing pedophile rights, where they will explore this notion that pedophilia is a genetic disorder.

In these last days, we need to have spiritual discernment so that our minds and souls - and those of our children - are sanctified from the perversions of this world. Please don't take these things lightly. Be diligent about what you place yourselves and your families in front of.

Disney's Promotion of Pedophilia & Homosexuality EXPOSED!


  1. I read this post just as I was watching the movie "Big" with Tom Hanks, which depicts a young boy who wakes up in a man's body, becomes a toy executive, and has a relationship with an adult woman. Towards the end, he is torn between staying in his adult body and continuing this relationship, and returning home. Even after the woman realizes he is a 12 year old boy, she still refers to herself as his girlfriend, and kisses him. There are a lot of movies out there with these same type of themes, thank you for opening my eyes to the pedophilia depicted in these movies.

  2. Hi TJ's Mom,

    By the way, if that is a picture of TJ in your post, then TJ is absolutely gorgeous! Seeing the bubbly, smiling face in the picture has just warmed my heart this morning. Oh, to be like a child with that unabashed joy they have! :-)

    You make a great point about "Big". I did not know the Lord when I saw that movie, so it didn't stand out to me in that way. But now that you mention it I remember, and you are absolutely right.

    Could be that this has been out in the open for much longer than I realized and I was just not aware.

    As God we grow in God, thank goodness that He continues to open our eyes and impart wisdom so that we can make sound decisions. You know that old children's Christian song, "Be careful little ears what you hear. Be careful little eyes what you see."

    Anyway, thanks for adding your reflections here. And may God's divine protection, favor, and anointing rest on little TJ.

  3. Much like "TJ's Mom" who commented here after watching the movie BIG I could help but feel the same way. I'm not christian and always thought you people were nuts but while watching BIG with my wife the other day i was blow away at how OB-VIOUS the gay male pedophilia was right before my eyes. Notice how, just before, the boy develops a close relationship with the old man in the toy store he is playing with a masked un-identified boy and Hanks ends up with his mouth next to the statue of the male groin.

  4. Hi Lyle,

    As they say, truth is stranger than fiction. I am sure that many who believed Christianity was a delusion will see more and more how the Word of God is true as more of what has been prophesied begins to come to fruition in this world.

    I too thought Christians were a bunch of loony toons before I came to know God personally. Don't be influenced by man's profession of faith - or even his weaknesses in living up to that faith - but seek to know God for yourself. He will reveal Himself to all who seek Him sincerely.

  5. This has been going on for years...that movie with Brooke Shields Called Pretty Baby...when i first saw that movie as a teenager i was just blown away and not in a good way....there is also another movie i saw as a teen thanx to cinemax and other channels at late nite when i was supposed to be asleep, "the lover" that spared nothing to the imagination in where he scenario was an asian man "fell in love(lust that turned into love) with an adolescent girl from france
    It tells the story of a young French schoolgirl who becomes sexually involved with a sophisticated, older Asian man. Set in Indochina in the late 1920s, this is stunningly photographed and artfully directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud. That said, the lack of a more satisfying plot means this is merely tastefully produced soft porn. --Rochelle O'Gorman the actress' name is jane march i believe have no idea how old she was when the movie was filmed but i do know they showed the sex scenes as if it was ok :-/ and they weren't all that soft in some scenes!!!....they are not classified as "family" movies but still promote the same thing making it seem as if it ok!

  6. Not to mention that in the Twighlight series, the main wolf-guy character "imprints" on (or becomes soulmates with) a baby girl. One of the other wolves in his pack also imprints on a little girl. Interesting.

  7. You mention L&O SVU....God led me to stop watching that show. All the story lines about the victimization of children is not good to allow in your home week after week. They always have marathons of these type of shows that air all day long. I found myself caught in a cycle of watching it until God told me that what you allow on your television can enter into your home.

    1. I also had to give up watching so much L&O as it was getting into my spirit and disrupting my sleep. I have realzied some more things reading everyone's posts and now I won't watch it at all.

  8. hello, thank you for your blog, i was just wondering how many years age difference is considered pedophilia in terms of religion? is it okay for a young woman to marry an older man if they actually love each other?

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Pedophilia is not about age differences between a man and woman, but about people having sexual desires for children. Perhaps I am not understanding your question?

  9. Hi, I just wanted to share another movie I know that is I noticed has pedophillia it is called "Tuck Everlasting" This movie is a love story about a young girl and a "young boy" But, the boy is not "young". There is a magical water puddle that the "young boy" drinks which makes him live forever, but he looks the same way he does when he first drank it. He drank the water when he was a young boy. When the girl meets him he is actually 103! Same like twilight. Everyone seems to ignore the fact about what he really is.


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