Friday, December 25, 2009

In the Spirit of Christmas

Today, many people are celebrating Christmas as they acknowledge the birth of Jesus Christ.

This topic itself has become a point of division for some in the church. Some proclaim that it is a pagan holiday in which Christians should not participate. Others say that we simply need to "put Christ" into Christmas to make Him the reason for the season.

The purpose of this article is not to sway people one way or the other, but to provide some information that delves into the tradition of Christmas so that we may all be wiser.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not is a decision between you and the Lord, however at least take a moment to understand what it is, where it came from, and how the traditions associated with it originated.


  1. Thanks for posting! This is very eye-opening. Take care!

  2. Well, that was enjoyable to watch. I have often wondered about how they arrived at December 25th for Christmas day and other things.

    Halloween is another one I often wonder about, how is it that in so called Christian countries, that they celebrate halloween, something so blatantly demonic and devilish?

    I wonder about a lot of things, I guess.

  3. The whole world lies in the power of the wicked one. There seems to be something wrong with everything we thought was harmless as we move closer to God and away from the world. We don't need a day to celebrate Jesus' birth. His birth did nothing, his death did everything. Jesus never said celebrate his birthday, but rather his death(Luke 22:19).

  4. Hi NealReal,

    One thing I definitely am seeing is how much we have formed our understanding of what is "Christian" from man's traditions. It is not uncommon to hear people proclaim to be a Christian and then go on to say/do the most unbiblical things. All religion is being pulled back as we sit under the washing of the water of the word. In this way, we can have true fellowship with God because we actually are worshiping Him and not an idol we made up.

  5. I know where Christmas comes from because I studied on it before my son was born and wanted to be prepared for future discussions about these things. My son is now 2 yrs old and I must say I struggled with Halloween so this year. It was so hard to watch all the little kids around the way dressed and excited in their costumes and looking forward to pumpkin patches and candy. I will admit it was so hard. Family would ask about my son and wanted to know if they should pick him up a costume and then they'd ask why not. That was the HARDEST thing to explain. I won’t go in to all of that here but I will say that I love the Lord; I have a personal relationship with Him. My mom and I shared every holiday together growing up and she made everyone of them very special. We didn’t have much when I was growing up but she allowed me to be a child and when I was old enough, Thank God I made it to be old enough, she sat me down and talked to me. She told who I was and Whose I was. Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year, my very favorite. It was that the one time of the year where I was able to be around all of my cousins, aunties, great and grandparents; I mean so much family one would get dizzy. Sharing, eating, laughing, running and playing. At the end of the occasion late at night in bed I remember Blessing the Lord for all the Joy He placed in my life. So I have decided to celebrate with my family for another year, another feast, more stories, and more love. I know that Jesus was not born on Christmas and I know the history of Christmas trees but I also know that my Lord judges the heart of man not his works and only He can see in our hearts, thank God for that. While we judge based on what we see He judges on what He sees and that gives me rest when I look into my son’s eyes as we decorate and prepare for the holiday. There is no excuse for living outside of the Will of God and I am not saying it is ok to bend the rules whenever it feels good to us. For me I feel very fortunate to have a personal relationship with Him and I feel it is most important to continue to build on that. In that personal relationship He will continue to direct my steps in the way they should go. If I am moved to never celebrate Christmas again Lord I am willing. I will not hold on to something that conflicts with what I feel He has placed in my heart. What I do may not be good for the next person. I’m just sharing my situation and how I see it.

  6. Hi Odetta,

    Thank you for sharing your story. While there are certain legalists who might condemn you, I believe that is a carnal perspective. Many - much like the Pharisees and Sadducees - feel a sense of importance because of their outward works, but God is concerned most with the inner workings of the heart (Colossians 2:15-16).

    My family and I used to celebrate Christmas. I can say however that there have been many blessings for us in not doing so in recent years.

    One, it has helped to shake our minds from religion and tradition, but really made us look into how we honor the Lord and why.

    Two, it has helped to keep us - including the children - from a lot of materialism. There is no interest or need to participate in the commercialism push.

    It has also truly been a separator for us and the world. I don't say this in a way that is proud. I mean that it is teaching us - including the children - more about what it means to walk with God, and for your faith to put you at odds with the world. I hope that it is also giving my children strength to know that they need to follow where God leads, whether folks understand or not because He is just that important.

    It has even helped us to appreciate each other more throughout the year as we it a priority to make cherished memories together all year.

    While I have no problems with those who desire to "put Christ back in Christmas", the truth is that He was never in it. As my children have gotten older (i.e. preteen/teens), it has been wonderful to be able to speak with them about this. They can now even pick things up for themselves as we see how "Christmas" is often promoted in ways that have nothing to do with Jesus Christ. It gives them more understanding about our family's choice and faith in this matter.

    As you say, it is very important that each person know the Lord for themselves. I trust that He will continue to lead us as we seek His face.

    Thanks again for your thoughts and giving me the impetus to share our own experience.

  7. @ Odetta...Thank you for sharing your true and honest struggle with us.

    Hello Mia,

    Thank you for sharing how God has blessed your obedience. I am like Odetta in the sense that I have been convicted about this time of year. I have put away the Christmas tree and other decorations for good. I find it hard to ignore the holiday completely because of my small children. I do not want to push them away from Christ by seemingly taking away everything they enjoy. In other words, I don't want to bore them away from God. I do, however, want to honor God with our lives as a family. If you have any advice on how to make the tansition away from Christmas completely with small children (ages 6 and 1 1/2), please advise.

    Christmas is every where we go. Grocery store, clothing stores, driving down the street, even church. We tried explaining our reasons for not celebrating Christmas anymore to my son (the 6 year old) and he just wanted to know if he was still getting gifts. We are giving them gifts today and eating dinner with my mother. I just want to please God and I feel very weak and vulnerable right now. HELP!!!


  8. Hi Alicia,

    I completely understand. I had children around the age of yours when we started not celebrating and it's simply not possible for them to truly understand.

    The things in the world can seem so glittery, big, and enticing...especially Christmas. The last thing we want is for our children to think that being a Christian means having no fun or joy. That perception is just as wrong as teaching them that it is okay to be friends of the world.

    When I say we do not celebrate it, I mean that we do not decorate the house, we don't give gifts, we don't have a big family gathering... However, the children are still very much exposed to Christmas.

    They have a Christmas concert every year at school where the choir sings, the band plays, and they put on a Christmas play.

    Our parents still celebrate it and asked if they could still give the kids gifts. We told them that they can give the kids gifts anytime of the year. So, they still send gifts for the kids. In fact, the kids opened the gifts when they came in the mail earlier this week.

    I recently asked the kids whether they felt like they were missing anything by not celebrating Christmas. They said no, because they still get presents. I asked what if the presents came in February instead, and they didn't care. In other words, like all kids, they just like getting stuff. LOL

    While we don't celebrate it, it does give us the opportunity to talk about Jesus' birth. This year, we have also been able to discuss with them how much of "Christmas" is not centered around Christ at all. In other words, I think they are starting to "get it".

    I'll also add that our impression of kids' attachment to things is often greater than their actual attachment. In other words, they get over things much easier than we sometimes give them credit for.

    Initially, I was really sort of concerned about how to handle this time of year. Should we tell the school they cannot participate in the Christmas program? Should we tell our parents not to give them gifts?

    In the end, God has given us real peace about our handling of this issue. What is most important is that our kids realize that our desire is first and foremost to please the Lord. We will not hold to anything more than we hold to Him.

    It also gives them a great example of what it means to be in the world (still exposed to it) while not being of the world (not one with it).

    Because we are not legalistic about it, they can see the freedom that we have in Christ and that true liberty comes from within and is not based on external things.

    The issue is not whether you eat a Christmas dinner or accept a Christmas gift, but whether you understand the truth of Jesus' birth, what Christmas is really from, and yet still allow God to use you to reach others (I Corinthians 9:19-23, 10:27-33).

    I don't know if this helps, but I hope it does. Just seek God for what He would want you to do. God desires for you to have peace and if He is leading you to stop celebrating, then He will also show you what to pull away from.

    God Bless!

  9. A friend just sent a link to this commercial which is called, "That is NOT My Birthday!". I thought it was probably an accurate reflection of how many people approach this time of year.

    I particularly like the part about the "ex-boyfriend". I really hadn't thought of Christmas like that, but it is very true.

    Anyway, here it is:

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this information. This is precisely why my husband and our family have decided not to celebrate Christmas. There is to be NO mixture of the ungodly and the things of God, as clearly stated in 2 Cor. 6:14-16.

  11. I understand that the "That is not my birthday" audio is no longer available at the above link. While I have been unable to find an active link to that broadcast, below is a transcript of what was said in it. Again, this is not shared to be legalistic, but to prompt an honest review of "Christmas".:

    A Christmas Birthday Party ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    WIFE TO HUSBAND: Darling! I have decided to have a big birthday party for you!

    HUSBAND: Wonderful!

    WIFE: On December 25th.

    HUSBAND: That's not my birthday.

    WIFE: I know, I know, but we'll just SAY it's your birthday.

    HUSBAND: That's your ex-boyfriend's birthday!

    WIFE: That's okay, I have decided to call it your birthday.

    HUSBAND: No, its not okay. Why don't you just pick any day that is NOT your ex-boy friend's birthday? Aren't you interested in what is true? In what is pleasing to me? Even enough to find out my real birth date?

    WIFE: Now, now, don't get upset. I have decided that we'll just SAY it is your birthday. I've sent out the invitations and everybody is doing it so that makes it okay.

    HUSBAND: It does?

    WIFE: Yes, and you wouldn't want me to change the date and inconvenience anyone. I have decided it is okay.

    HUSBAND: You've decided. I would be pleased if you would just take my hand and follow me and spend a few moments with me.

    WIFE: Later, later. No time now. I have invited ALL the family. My Father and Mother and Uncle Bill and Cousin Betty and Ernie and all the kids and grandkids and, Oh, the children will love it! We'll do it for the children! They deserve it!

    HUSBAND: For the children. I see, a day to exalt family...and you call it my birthday. Makes me think you love family more than me.

    WIFE: Oh, you'll love it, too, I have decided. And we'll all give gifts to each other.

    HUSBAND: This is supposed to be MY birthday? Yet you give gifts to others? Why?

    WIFE: And I'll decorate the ribbons and bows and...

    HUSBAND: Red? Red is your ex-boyfriend's favorite color! I like blue and green. Blue skies, blue seas, green grass, trees, birds...

    WIFE: Oh, I'm putting up a green tree decorated with gold and silver balls and we'll put gifts under it!

    HUSBAND: Like the idolators throughout history....every green tree... That is idolatry.

    WIFE: And I'll have to buy gifts and do lots of shopping and...

    HUSBAND: the God of Mammon will get his.

    WIFE: It will be worth it! I'll decorate and bake cookies and fruitcake and...

    HUSBAND: Sounds like you'll be really busy. Come away my beloved and spend a little time with me...a walk by the river, a...

    WIFE: Later, darling. I'll be busy, but you'll love it...I've decided.
    The hustle, the bustle...oh, yes, and I've decided to have a nice baked ham...

    HUSBAND: Charred swine's flesh! On what you SAY is my birthday and is not! Who is in charge here? Why do you just do YOUR THING and assume that I will put my stamp of approval on it? If you love me, why do you not DO the things that I say? Why do you not do things MY WAY? You don't even KNOW me!

    I suppose the next thing you'll do is dress your ex-boyfriend in a red suit and have him drop down the chimney!

    WIFE: Uhhhh. __________ Shalom __________

  12. We recently decided to not celebrate Christmas anymore. It's a hard decision. Our family and friends simply DO NOT understand. They think we a quite mad. Can you please give me some advice? Are we doing the right thing. We have a big Christmas party (friends) coming up with Santa and the tree all that goes along with it. We decided we're not going. We are going to family for the weekend. Our friends are shocked to say the least. One even told me that she has been praying about Christmas and she doesn't feel that it's wrong. I do not agree with her. Please help.


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