Friday, March 18, 2011

Tennessee Women's Retreat

The Omega Church & Ministries Center is planning a Women's Retreat in the Smokey Mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

A time of fellowship and dedication to draw closer to the Lord as women come together in a spirit of Prayer, Praise & Worship to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

These are perilous times in which we live and we all benefit from taking time out to spend with the One whom keeps us daily.  He is our only hope and we need Him desperately.

If you're willing to meet Him, He's willing to make a way for you to come and meet Him.  What do you have to lose?  You have everything to gain --- Eternal Life.

Teens are also welcome when accompanied by a parent or guardian.


DATE:  Thursday, April 14th - Sunday, April 17th 2011
PLACE:  Timber Lodge, Gatlinburg, Tennessee
COST:   $175.00 per person for 4 days (meals and lodging included once in Gatlinburg)

Registration Info:

Please click here for registration details.  In this document, you will also find email addresses and phone numbers to request additional information.

Payments for the retreat may be made via donations to the Omega Ministries & Church Center by clicking here.  Simply note in your donation that the funds are to cover fees for women's retreat.


  1. I hope I get to attend this! :) I am trying to get my mother to come with me! :)

  2. Where did you get that beautiful picture at? I would love to use that picture, and I want to make sure that the original creator is alright with it

  3. Hi Mrscottyl,

    Honestly, it is a picture that a friend has and used on Facebook, but I don't think she created it herself. I'll follow-up with her to see if I can find out more though and post it.


  4. Thanks a lot. I really do appreciate that.

  5. Hi Mrscotty,

    I believe it is the work of Todd L. Thomas. Please check with him regarding usage rights.



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