Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spellbound Spelhouse

"O you poor and silly and thoughtless and unreflecting and senseless Galatians! Who has fascinated or bewitched or cast a spell over you, unto whom—right before your very eyes—Jesus Christ (the Messiah) was openly and graphically set forth and portrayed as crucified?" Galatians 3:1

bewitched: to use magic to make someone do, think, or say something; to put someone under a spell; to charm; to attract as if by the power of witchcraft

Paul wondered in Galatians who had bewitched the people. Today, it is clear that one playing a big role in the bewitchment of our children are the educational institutions.  

I do not consider it coincidence that the announcement of Morehouse and Spelman Colleges first "Queer Prom" comes right as I just posted on The Hideouts of the Homosexual Spirit.   They call it "Spelhouse", however, they are actually spellbound.  Like most modern institutions of "higher learning", indoctrination with this agenda is a top priority...and it starts as early as Kindergarten.  They accomplish this, not by convincing all students to become homosexual, but by imparting to students a mindset that is against the mind of Christ; it is anti-Christ.  This is not a Black or White thing, nor is it an age or class issue. 

These are the days, brothers and sisters, in which we live and this is the primary spirit we will confront more and more as the day of our Lord draws ever near.  Why do I write about it?  To prepare the saints for this spiritual war so that those lost in this delusion might be saved. 

Consider this.  Such a promotion is not simply about a person's right to choose perversion.  Examine the t-shirt one of these young women is wearing.  It says, "I met God, She's Black."  Why would this young lady choose to wear such a shirt for this picture?  Here is the truth: You cannot separate support for homosexuality from a direct attack against the nature and authority of God.  For all those lackadaisical persons who consider themselves Christian, yet are disempowered to stand against this spirit, you had better wake up.  Be not deceived that you be a partaker of that same spirit.  This is not just a "personal choice", it is a spirit; and that spirit knows what it is fighting against even if the ones it occupies do not.  It seeks to pervert the image of God because man and woman are made in His image.

Why is God Black?  Because as we stated before, the homosexual spirit is preoccupied with "self" as the standard for righteousness.  Being filled with self-love means you still try to find acceptance and meaning in life according to the flesh.  Therefore, if I am Black, then God must be like me...because I am god.  Educational institutions teach our young people that they can define God in any terms that they like.  It is the same lie Satan spewed to Eve in the Garden of Eden.  "I will not listen to God's words, but I will decide for myself what is good or evil."

"Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh: yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we him no more." II Corinthians 5:6

We are to know no man after the flesh; even Christ.  So tell me how God is Black, White, Asian, or any other color of the flesh?  This is simply the filth of pride, which comes naturally when we focus on "self".

Let me share with you an example of just how pervasive this spirit is in the church.  My son recently said to me, "Gay means happy".   I responded, "Not the way people use it today."  There is even a song which has become very popular now called, "Happy" by Pharrell Williams.  Most people do not realize that this song is about promoting perversion.   In part, the lyrics state:
Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
Because I’m happy
If "happiness" is the truth and if "happiness" is based upon whatever it means to you, then by default, the truth is subjective.  There is then no standard for absolute truth.  Truth is no longer the person of Jesus Christ.  Truth is no longer what God says it is.  Truth becomes whatever you say it is...for you.  Whatever makes you happy is your truth.  That is the same principle behind Aleistar Crowley's "Do What Thou Wilt" law.

Some may say, "What does that have to do with anything?  You are taking things too seriously.  It is just a nice, innocent song."  Then I ask, have you seen the video?  Why is the young man who sings this song singing it with the backing of a choir inside of a church?  Obviously, there is some connection being implied with Christianity through this song.  So what is that connection and why is this connection being made?  It is a direct - yet subtle - attack against the Truth, who is Jesus.  It is people boldly proclaiming, "We can be religious, spiritual, and even Christian, but we don't have to believe in the truths of God.  As long as we are happy, we have found truth."  That is a lie.  Sometimes, the things which make you "happy" are things that God despises.  This is why we must be born again.  The evidence that you have found truth is not that you are happy, but that you have righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost...not in the flesh (Romans 14:17).

This song has absolutely nothing to do with Christianity.  It does not preach the Gospel or speak of Jesus Christ in any way.  Yet, how many church choirs are singing this song as if it is talking about the Lord?  What you are looking at is the spirit of homosexuality in manifestation.  Am I saying these people are all involved in same sex unions?  No.  I am saying that they have been bewitchedThe spirit of homosexuality is inspiring this behavior.  Such persons are not glorifying in the Lord; they are glorifying in themselves, and how they "feel".  An exaltation of self is always this same spirit, and it is prominent throughout the churchworld.

Why must God be a woman according to this young girl in the Spelman/Morehouse picture?  Because that spirit has to reject all Godly authority by virtue of being a rebel.  If truth is going to be based upon what I say it is and what makes me happy, then I must change God from being a loving disciplinarian who gives commands into someone who can placate me and accommodate my sin.  Therefore, instead of being reconciled to the Father and being changed to reflect His nature, I will join a false religious system headed by a woman where I can do as I please.  This is not about ethnicity or gender; it is about a rejection of God and alienation from Him...even while thinking you have met and come to know Him.  How strong must this spirit be to deceive where it can convince someone that they know God and are walking with Him while in complete rebellion against Him?  This is why we must pray.

"As for My people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O My people, your leaders cause you to err, and they confuse (destroy and swallow up) the course of your paths." Isaiah 3:12

Remember, in religious Babylon a woman rides the beast. Again, this has nothing to do with women being evil or substandard in the Kingdom of God.  It has everything to do with being bewitched to follow a false religious system which is set-up for the express purpose of turning you against the Father and leaving you captive to the god of this world.

Do I want these young men and women to go back in the closet?  Absolutely not!  I want them to be set free in Christ Jesus and become witnesses of His saving grace to this dying world.  However, who will care enough about their eternal souls to speak up and turn aside from every false way?

"I then heard another voice from heaven saying, Come out from her, my people, so that you may not share in her sins, neither participate in her plagues....Because in one single hour all the vast wealth has been destroyed (wiped out). And all ship captains and pilots, navigators and all who live by seafaring, the crews and all who ply their trade on the sea, stood a long way off, And exclaimed as they watched the smoke of her burning, What city could be compared to the great city! 

And they threw dust on their heads as they wept and grieved, exclaiming, Woe and alas, for the great city, where all who had ships on the sea grew rich through her extravagance from her great wealth! In one single hour she has been destroyed and has become a desert! Rejoice (celebrate) over her, O heaven! O saints (people of God) and apostles and prophets, because God has executed vengeance for you upon her! 

Then a single powerful angel took up a boulder like a great millstone and flung it into the sea, crying, With such violence shall Babylon the great city be hurled down to destruction and shall never again be found.  And the sound of harpists and minstrels and flute players and trumpeters shall never again be heard in you, and no skilled artisan of any craft shall ever again be found in you, and the sound of the millstone shall never again be heard in you. 

And never again shall the light of a lamp shine in you, and the voice of bridegroom and bride shall never be heard in you again; for your businessmen were the great and prominent men of the earth, and by your magic spells and poisonous charm all nations were led astray (seduced and deluded). And in her was found the blood of prophets and of saints, and of all those who have been slain (slaughtered) on earth." Revelation 18:4, 17-24 

There is a day coming when this unrighteous Babylonian system siring harlots and abominations will be judged, but before then, God is calling His people to come out of her.  This is the time for the Bride to make herself ready so that she may be fit for the Master's use.  Sanctify yourselves with prayer and fasting for the sake of the young people who need true witnesses of the Lord, those who actually do know Him and can make Him known.

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