Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dis-Spelling Dark Forces

A young Christian contacted me about some spiritual battles they are facing.  They try to pray and cannot.  When they try to focus on the Lord, images of Satan come to mind.  Temptations of the flesh are increasing, confusion is torturing the mind, and they are even doubting the things God has shown them regarding their own salvation.

When the urges of the flesh pick up or demonic attacks increase, it is certainly time for a fast.  Indeed, if we adopt a "fasting" lifestyle, it will help to keep such things at bay.  When we humble ourselves, God draws nigh to us.  So if we want to hear God's voice more clearly, we must sharpen our ears to hear.  How do we do that? Beating down the soul by withholding from it what it craves.

"But as for me, when they were sick, my clothing was sackcloth: I humbled my soul with fasting; and my prayer returned into mine own bosom." Psalm 35:13

If we do not afflict our souls through self-denial, then Satan will most certainly afflict our spirits through fleshly overindulgence.  Satan can only appeal to our soul or to the flesh, however, when our spirits are stronger than both, Satan can gain no advantage.  Such is important for us being able to stand strong in the faith.

"But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway." I Corinthians 9:27

The following message from Min. Derek Prince is entitled, "When You Fast" as he speaks to the purpose and benefits of fasting.

  • Jesus expects His disciples to fast.
  • If a Christian understands the need to fast, but doesn't do it, then they are sure to backslide.
  • The purpose of fasting is not to make life hard or to deny us pleasure.  It is a God-appointed way to humble ourselves.
  • There are awful dangers to pride and it keeps us back from God's blessings.
  • God never promises to make us humble.  God can humiliate us, but only we can humble ourselves.
  • The soul is the arrogant, self-assertive part of you which expresses itself as, "I want...I think...I feel".  NONE of those things matter to God, only His will being obeyed; and we must align ourselves with His will.
  • The stomach is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.
  • God requires His people to afflict or humble their souls.
  • King Ahab is noted in Scripture as the most wicked king there was, yet God delayed the curses He pronounced against his family because he turned in prayer and fasting.
  • God saw how Nineveh humbled themselves when faced with His judgment and spared them for over 100 years.
  • When God's people fasted together at the bequest of Esther, it actually changed the course of Israel's history.
  • One of the ways that Paul proved himself as a minister of Christ is by fasting (II Corinthians 6:4-5). 
  • Fasting is to turn away from every outer distraction and occupation in order to hear from the Lord.


  1. A necessary post. I have been battling for months on fasting. With trying to hear from God on how and what I should fast from and for. When it comes to fasting I yearn to do it right and not deceive myself with church folk list of do's and don'ts. Thank you Mia

    1. Hi Sandrea,

      There are many ways to fast, and not all of them involve food. It is really important to lean on the Spirit of God for direction on how best to do it.

      Fasting from food is definitely a major way to fast. I personally have not found a fast that beats down that flesh as quickly as a food fast. However, not everyone is able to do this (medical reasons, etc.).

      The most important thing I have found is that you are taking time when you would normally be doing other things and giving that time to the Lord. Turn the plate over, turn off the tv, unhook the phone (for those old enough to remember when phones had to be on the hook), etc. Quiet down the soul from all the noise & distraction and just spend time before the Lord in prayer, study, etc.

      I don't think there is a do or don't list outside of having a heart that is sincere before Him. That is what He is looking for.

      Remember, don't get legalistic about it. I can remember on one of my first corporate fasts, I saw some people eating popcorn. I was SHOCKED! Aren't we supposed to be on a FAST??!! LOL One of the quickest ways people can get legalistic is with fasting. :-) Don't compare your fast to any one else's, but make your sacrifice to the Lord.

      Remember too, do not offer a sacrifice to God that costs you nothing (II Samuel 24:24). For it to be a true sacrifice, it must actually come at some cost to yourself; we must deny ourselves something. For it to be received as a sacrifice, it must be an actual sacrifice. I know that sounds simple, but sometimes we try to give up things that we couldn't care less about. That won't work. God knows our heart. :-)

      Here is a book that we have read and actually used to pass out to others which may be helpful: Fasting

      Be blessed in the Lord Sandrea!

  2. Hi again :)

    I've just finished listening to Derek Prince message and ordered the book you've referred me too. I'm completely thankful for all that you allow God to do through you. You are greatly appreciated!

  3. This is a good reminder. Biblical fasting has all but vanished from the Christian scene. The days have grown incredibly dark from what I have seen and heard as of late. I no longer share that much about Jesus anymore outside of a few select souls that understand the times in which we live. It isn't that there is not a hunger to share Christ with others... but when you come against the kind of rebellion that simply says "I don't want to here it." what can you say? That statement alone will tie your hands so to say. The Lord will not force Himself upon anyone... and I'm of a mindset now that I'll no longer waste my time trying to argue about the color of the sky with someone who is blind. Unfortunately that includes most of the Christians I encounter(young and old). For example, consider the thousands that watched the latest bible series that came on the history channel a while back... and all the Christians that were willing to turn a blind eye to all of the Scriptural errors. Consider the Son of God movie... and all of the Christians that love the idea of this Hollywood Jesus that comes into the world to change it. Or perhaps the movie Noah that has just come out... the fallen angels sacrifice themselves to save the ark?, and towards the end of the movie Noah actually considers killing his own grandchildren. The next one coming down the line will be a retelling of the account of Moses currently titled Exodus. Think of all of the pastors and ministries that are endorsing this garbage and encouraging their church members to see it! And woe unto you if you should dare to speak out against this stuff. You see, I could understand if these professing Christians had never heard the truth. I could find patience if I knew for a fact that they did not understand the truth... but I'm afraid that this is not what I've been encountering. Those that I have encountered as of late profess to know Christ and their bibles. Many claim to have known them for a long time now. Yet there are parts of the Scriptures that they respond to the way the old vampires would respond to sunlight. There are biblical themes and warnings that they will flat out tell you we don't want to hear those things. Well, if that's the case, that makes them enemies of the cross, and they are not the brothers and sisters in Christ that they claim to be. They are enemies. And the Word of God says to love them... pray for them... but accept them for what they are... enemies. They reject the message of Holiness, Judgment, and Repentance. They will not repent. They come to the cross weeping and wailing. They pray the sinner's prayer and get baptized. They lay claim by faith to all of the promises and benefits of the atonement of Jesus... but they get up off their knees and go right back to the world. They refuse to repent. They absolutely reject the notion of going into the tomb with Jesus and being resurrected unto new life. They don't want to pay a price... they just want the benefits. When evil comes their way and you point it out to them, the response is one of love, tolerance, and acceptance. The real evil to these professing Christians is to preach repentance, and a turning away from the evil of this world to the righteousness of God... which is exclusive and intolerant of sin. I can't see anything left to be done by the Heavenly Father other than to send judgment. The only thing I can think of for the remnant to do is to fortify their positions, while continuing to seek God in preparation for the coming supernatural storm. It's going to be unlike anything we've ever experienced. And the spearhead of this supernatural storm of persecution against the remnant will be the mainstream church. Be prepared for betrayal, rebellion, and rejection of the gospel in favor of a twisted version that promotes love, tolerance, entertainment, and acceptance without judgment.

  4. HI Broken Rhyme,

    I have seen much of what you have noticed. God is definitely making a separation between that which is religious and those who worship Him in spirit and truth. Many have indeed turned a deaf ear to the truths of God's word. All we can do at this time is prepare to be used in the "supernatural storm" which is coming, as you say.

    I pray that you are well brother.

    1. I'm just digging in and waiting on the Lord in faith. That's only thing I can think of to do at the moment. Praying for you as well.


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