Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Come Fellowship at a Teaching Ministry

As our family returned from church this week, my father asked, "What do you all do there all this time?"  I offered for him to come with us and see for himself, but he declined.

I then said, we sing praise and worship for a while, we pray and there is teaching.  "What kind of teaching?", he asked.  I told him teaching out of God's word.

The purpose of church has been largely lost in terms of spending time studying and meditating on God's word versus being entertained.  Yet, there is a ministry whose focus is on building up disciples for the Body of Christ, and I invite you to come out and join us if you are able.

What:  Dunamis Tabernacle

Location: Atlanta Renaissance Hotel
1 Hartsfield Center Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30354

When:  Every Sunday, 10:00 am EST

Alternately, you can tune in via Livestream at the following link:  http://livestream.com/accounts/2720052

I hope to see you there!


  1. I love all of y'all!! Praying for the ministry and that God would raise up more like this one!!!

    1. Love you to Sis! Was glad to see you and the family and looking forward to the next time. Praying for God's continued blessing on you and yours.


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