Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gimme a Beat

Don't Forget The Lyrics Music!

Not so long ago, I did an article on the effects of beats on the brain. It reviewed the nature of syncopated beats as a means to examine the type of music God inspires versus the type of music Satan inspires.

A few fought tooth & nail on the entire idea of such a thing. That music - apart from the lyrics - can be against God all by itself.

In spite of the numerous scientific reports which show that music (not lyrics) can impact mood, behavior, thought patterns, and physiological development, many still refused to believe that the beats in music can determine the nature of a song. They insisted that music being good or bad can only be defined by the lyrics, and not by the music itself. Entire genres of music could not be considered unGodly just because of the beats. Well, apparently one company knows such claims to be false.

I-Doser is marketing what is being referred to as "digital drugs" which can be purchased for a few dollars over the internet. Being marketed as something that will "powerfully alter your mood" or give you the "highest quality exotic bud, mood enhancement pills, and legal hashish", this company is selling beats that give the effect of making you feel high...hence the name digital drugs.

In describing their product, I-Doser says, "I-Doser for the PC is the most advanced computer application available to achieve a simulated mood or experience through the use of binaural beats. Use I-Doser to play doses purchased through the I-Doser Store. Each dose is scientifically designed to give you the optimal measure of pure beats safely and effectively to induce state."

What are some of the drugged states which can be simulated with these beats? Ecstasy, Marijuana, LSD, and Peyote just to name a few. Got a particular drug of choice? I-Doser can give you the right sounds to replicate that high. How long does the high last? According to their website, "It seems to be dependent on how quickly you return to normal brain activity." Again, for those who simply cannot accept that certain beats do have a negative impact on the body, please notice that these beats alter your normal brain activity!

So what is the fate of those young people (and not so young people) who continually listen to mind-altering beats? That's right. They are increasingly training their brains to run abnormally.

The point of this article is not to address the binaural beats used by I-Doser specifically, but to examine again the question of beats in music and its spiritual applications. (You can find a review of the binaural beats being sold by I-Doser here).

Using beats in music to hypnotize listeners and alter their normal brain activity is not solely a practice in the secular world. Such practices are also being adopted by so-called ministers in Christianity.

Click image to enlarge

Patrica King - who calls herself a prophetess - is using these same mind-altering techniques in her ministry called "Club Mysterio". In describing this "ministry" she says:

"Through the vehicle of DJ led, electronic worship music, Caleb trains the body in how to become free in worship and praise and to express adoration for Jesus through flag, song, and dance. He also teaches how to cry out to God through prayer, intercession and travail using the whole body."

Examine the following video which includes clips from Patricia King's ministry as well as non-Christian groups using this "Ekstasis Worship" to draw people into altered states (which the new agers call the process of Kundalini):

Notice the strobe lights and off-beat syncopations used in Patricia King's ministry. It is a known occult practice used in much of the music industry and in the club scene.  In the video, Caleb Brundidge (the head and DJ of this ministry) says the following:

"This generation longs to experience God in a way, in an abandoned way like never before...The music as you are jumping and dancing and moving around, well the words we are speaking become one at a cellular level in your body.

And it is not like you're learning it, it's part of who you are. It's no longer that you have to study the word, but when you are inside of an infused atmosphere with dancing and your body is moving and the word is coming and the music, it becomes part of you...

With the rhythm, the sound, and the repetitiveness of the music the word is driven into your body, not just your mind, not just your soul, but the whole mind, body and soul. Ekstasis Worship is worship that you go outside of your mind and just release yourself into the abandoned worship of God."

He is telling you the truth and this is called mesmerization!!! He is using the club environment to put you in a trance so that you will become susceptible to control (Read up on Franz Anton Mesmer and how his practices were used to hypnotize his followers).

Notice that according to Patricia King and her ministers, "abandonment" to God is synonymous with not using your mind. You are not learning, you do not need to study, just go outside of your mind and let the rhythm, sound, and repetitiveness of the music bring you into an altered state.

This is the same thing that I-Doser is doing; using beats to drive people into an abnormal brain activity so that their moods can be altered. It is all witchcraft. God never calls us to let go of our minds in order to be closer to Him. In fact, he commands us to be watchful and to be sober minded. To gird up the loins of our minds, not discard them. He has given us a sound mind (self-control, moderation).

Why is it that everyone BUT those in the church knows that musical beats (apart from lyrics) can alter the human psyche and the human body?

Again, I am not against music. At the end of the day, I really don't care what type of music others listen to. The bottom line is that we have to wake-up out of this spiritual stupor in thinking that certain things don't matter just because we don't want them to. It is a delusion to believe that whatever we want to call of God is so simply because it makes us feel good or we don't see anything wrong with it. Don't be destroyed because of a lack of knowledge. Ask God for spiritual discernment. Seek wisdom from Him in all things...He is faithful to give it.

"...for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light." Luke 16:8b


  1. This is another well written article among others you've done lately. I totally agree with the fact that there is a such thing as good and bad music, and it's effects on the body, soul and spirit. Christians simply have a spirit of pride that won't allow them to acknowledge their error. Because they love their soulish, fleshy music more than the Truth (Jesus Christ) they've been given over to a lie and believe that it is innocent. All I can do is share this info with others and pray that the delusions be removed.

  2. Satan is finally making his final mood. He is using every weapon at his disposal, women leaders, music, which is his area of expertise and alteration of the Word of God to lead people astray. Thank God that the very elect of God will not be deceived by these delusions and will remain faithful. It's time to fast and pray like never before. Remember Jesus said we could be overcome by overeating and self indulgence. Let's continue to deny ourselves to stay free. Maisha does an excellent job of writing articles to enhance spiritual growth and expose the devil and at the end of the day we will need "POWER" to overcome the devil and set captive minds free. I hate the devil!!!

  3. Hi, thank you for this. I am in my second year of university and constantly struggling with the issue of music. I am talented at what I do, but I also love God. I pray God will direct me. Thanks once again.

  4. How can you teach someone to be free? What I see so often is people mimicking the worship leader, who tells them when to stand, clap, raise hands, etc. It's not a leading of the Spirit, it's basically following the leader. God doesn't need cheerleaders, He needs disciples.

  5. most of the gospel songs if not all share beats with secular songs no matter what the genre of song it is
    how can i know the song to sing?

  6. Hi Tungsten,

    I agree that a large number of "Christian" songs are nothing but regurgitated secular songs. This is because the spirit of the world has merged so effectively into much of the churchworld.

    However, don't let this bind you. Instead of feeling responsible for determining what is pleasing to the Lord, let His Spirit lead you. It is not up to you to decide what is righteous. Simply set your heart on pleasing Him and He will guide you. It is not about the beat primarily, but the spirit.

    God Bless

  7. i have been trying to tell my fellow kenyans about the whole thing about the end of the world ( NWO. false prophets, songs, chanting, christians trying to merge with the world ,gospel rock ,gospel reggeae rap music etc) and facing toupgh hostility mainly by born again christians other just ignore me and seems as if im taking to stones.i think am not well versed with the bible but im not loosing heart.other i have tried to direct them to this blog but nothing is happening no matter how much i try to remind them. Others say i will become like one of them ( illuminatists ) if i continue reading this blog & many others.

  8. Hi Amazing Graphics,

    Don't worry about how much Bible you know. Continue to study, pray, and ask God to give you the mind of Christ. He is faithful to give you wisdom is you ask Him for it (James 1:5).

    There are plenty of times when I feel at a loss for words, but all we need is to be filled with His Spirit and He will use us as He sees fit. Remember, He even tells us that there will be situations where we should not think about what to say, but simply be a vessel for His Spirit to speak through (Mark 13:11).

    Just as in Jesus' day, many people will not receive the message of the Gospel, but will mock or dismiss His words. Don't take it personally. It is not our job to "save" anyone, but to be a witness to the power of His salvation.

    Just seek God, obey Him, and do as He leads. He will take care of the rest. :-)

  9. God bless u all i looooove this blog i stumbled on it while researching on youtube it has taken me on a higher understanding and thinking especially with what is happenin in music i wish i had all u guys in a room to sit and really discuss this but let me throw in my thoughts and and chk out the replies we really need to read and understand the bible for ourselves and not just run with wat ppl say b4 we read we shud ask for knowledge wisdom and understanding eveytime b4 u READ that is how i was taught in a pentecostal church now @GC PRICE i quote u saying ''thank God that the very elect of God will not be deceived'' but the bible says in the last days if it were possible the very elect will be deceive OK. EVERYTHING belongs to God and satan has taken everything leavin no stone unturned and the old testiment i believe God sent this man to a house to eat and said'' eat and give thanks to me dont ask the man which he is giving thanks to coz if u do and it is not me then u cant eat ''just to sumeriz it so my thought is even if it was the devil who provided that food God is able to cleanse it and bless it for his child to eat,i will com back to this later.So @LATTER_DAY_MINISTRIES I quote a part of ur comment ''its not the beat but the spirit'' totally agree but ur blog about the music doesnt seem to conclude that i do agrre that the music not the lyrics will alter ur mood but is mood altering by itself a bad thing, God says worship me in spirit and in truth now for those who grew up in the pentecostal type church will kno that worshiping in spirit u block everything out around u to focus on God isnt that a form of mood altering.when i am cleanin my house i dont want to hear worthy is the lamb playing coz thats worship and praise its more relaxing i am from jamaica house cleaning is probly different for u guys its a lot a up and around so i would agree that the music alters my mood to a more enrgetic and feel good mood so hence it will take u to that point but what are u feeling good about it is now the lyrics that influence that part which is y worldly music lyrics is about drugs, sex, money its telling u to feel good about those and accept them as norm which is y i am not convince that beats or the arrangement of beats by itself can be labeled godly or satanic.I while doing my research i came across a documentary about the music industry which someone was apart of and said all the major recording producers and labels had a upper room where they would take the songs after mastering and cast spells or assign spirits to them b4 sending them out,now if the beats by itself cud do this then y do they hav to turn round and assign spirit to them.So do we need to take these beats and baptize them in the WORD so as to bring forth a more positive effect is God able to cleanse those beats to his Glory just as he did the food for that man or is HIS powers limited to what we want, just a thought.So point of discussion is the beats or arrangement of the beats the problem or the whole compilation and is altered mood by itself a good or bad thing.Now this is not gospel folks its my thoughts and is to be discuss and not argued or condemn or seen as me lashing at latter days,this is just to increase my wisdom knowledge and understanding to make me more Christ like.Thank You.

  10. Andrew-This is not a limitation of God's power.God could make anything He wants too holy. But the reality is He does not, because everything is not good. He does not allow any and everything into His presence because everything is not holy as He is holy. What's going on is the idea of limiting His power is an excuse to keep doing what we want and not what God wants. Or, it's us trying to get God to act according to our will instead of conforming to His will. The beats are like keys and invitations. They open up doorways in you for a spirit to enter. This is why demons are sent with the music. To walk through the doorway someone opens for them by allowing that altered state of conciousness and participating in what amounts to witchcraft. Many religions/peoples/groups know this and use beats for just that reason. And now you see it in the church being passed off as worship!

  11. Thank u very much Sheila for ur comment, now i will touch on ur key points one is "God could make anything He wants Holy but the reality is He does not" i agree with u 100% now my question is, who determine what he makes holy is it u or is it He.We make excuse to keep doing what we want that is describing 99% of Christians and not only Christians thats like a way of life y u think we have so many denominations everybdy can find something in the bible to defend their beliefs so thats nothing new i cannot work out your salvation only u can so its everyman for himself on that day.You said the beats open doorway for "a" spirit to enter so tell me must it be a demon spirit, please dont analyse it out of context i am not saying the beats are not dangerous i am saying in my opinion they cud not b dangerous by themselves, its like epoxy if u pour out the hardener or the risin by itself u cud a mix untill ur hands fall off it will not get hard its only when the 2 come together it gets hard now if a christian or anybdy goes out and listen to a jay-z song that has been mix for a specific purpose of pullin u to the pit of hell then of-course u will find urself in trouble.Now i know that there are genuine hip hop Christian artist that have a passion for Christ and to spread his word and use that method to get a hold of the young generation that would not normally listen to anything else now u r telling me that his genuine passion and the true word of God coming from the Bible and his heart that a beat is going to render it null and void and then to say that none of that is of God, to me that is casting judgment i would not go down that road for we all know what the Bible has to say about that.And how cud u say that a recording like what i just mention above cud be participating in witchcraft, a mean someone who genuinely wants to see ppl save for Christ y wud u call that work witchcraft bcoz it falls into a category of genre, u kno what immediately came to mind when Christ was on earth doing his miracles they said it was witchcraft and that is y i am very careful of what comes from my mouth especially towards Gods work bcoz i dont want to sound or look like the ppl who crucified Him. Thank you i am looking forward for ur comment God bless u.

  12. Hello Andrew,

    This article shows, and indeed the company iDoser makes money off of the fact, that the certain beats alone affect the workings of the brain. Further, Scripture supports that music alone (not lyrics) affects us spiritually (I Samuel 16:23).

    Who determines what is holy? God does, by His Spirit. It is not a topic to be debated, as if determining what is holy is the result of human reasoning. If something is not inspired by His Spirit then it is a work of the flesh (at the least) or demonic (at the worst).

    Based on your comments, I can refer you to the following articles for more personal study, but beyond that, I don't care what type of music people listen to. May we each be led by His Spirit and pray for spiritual discernment to try the spirits to see if they are of God.

    Christ's Music or Satan's Music

    Do Not Judge - Part 3

    The Church Has Been Hijacked

    Christian Adultery

    Thanks for your comments.

  13. @Latter Days ministries thanks for ur comments ur response have been separated in three and i will comment respectively, i went over to iDoser to see what they had to offer i have 2 concerns one is have anybdy ever heard any of these cd or mp3 to ascertain the validity and base of what i see on that website obviously idoser is doing more than composing beats it is lace with pyramids and eyes and symbols that is cause for concern, i would like us to compare apples and apples not orange and apples i wud doubt very much that a genuine Christian rap artist is going to have his music prayed to the devil and attach demons to it so obviously iDoser music wud have a that kind of evil negative effect with the demons that are playing with it.Now ur reference to the scripture David played music and the evil spirit fled,now let us analyze the scriptur said he took his instrument and made music,is it possible that he was also singing along since the scripture said made music but let me leave it at music instrument only, Saul specifically ask for David which was a man of God do u think that if he had call jus anybdy and that person played that same instrument or that same music that the evil spirit wud hav fled i doubt it,did jesus need to spit and make mud to go on the blind man to heal him was it the mud that heal the man or was it the power of God,it was the spirit of God in David with the music that coz the evil spirit to fled and not the music alone,music will alter how u feel and state of mind i am not disputing that just like the sound of water it is calming and therapeutic does it mean i am opening myself to possession it is use in institutions for that purpose do u see everybdy running about possess but with other ingredients it cud bcoz of the state that it puts u in.So u still have not convince me that beats alone can be label satanic or Godly,the beats has to have the spirit to go with it which wud be coming from the composer of that music.And yes God determine what is holy i cud never argue that and watever we do must be inspired by the spirit which is y we shud not be labeling what we do not know if it was inspired by God.Which brings me to ur final point which i cud shake ur hands for bcoz u have just acknowledge my point " May we each be led by His Spirit and pray for spiritual discernment to try the spirits to see if they are of God and not judge and condemn what we dont know or understand" thank you.

  14. Hi Andrew,

    I am by no means trying to convince you that beats or music alone affect people. No offense, but I don't care what you believe in the matter...nor do I care what I nor any other believes. Truth is not defined by what we believe, but by what saith the Lord.

    Instead of seeking God for His truths, people often prefer to simply debate their own personal views. I am not interested in such. We are on dangerous ground when we start to water down the word of God or assume that others "just don't know" in order to keep our own understanding. In such cases we are making ourselves willingly blind, or as Sheila said, merely looking for excuses to keep doing what we want to do.

    Beyond the articles I referred you to (which provide ample Scriptural references in the matter), there is really nothing more to say.

    As I have stated many times, God only accepts that which is born of His Spirit. Anything else is worldly, sensual, and demonic.

    The issue is, do we care enough to attain to the heart of God or are we just interested in justifying ourselves before men? Such is the case in any area of life and is the foundation of whether we are truly disciples of Christs (following Him) or "brides" in name only.

    I have no idea whether you read the referenced articles (nor does such matter), but here is one more I should added to the list for those who are interested.

    Getting Crunk for Christ

    You will not find any arguments here trying to convince you or anyone of anything. May each do as he/she is led.

  15. Hi Ldm

    I just want to add a point about Gimme a beat.In the Bible i have never come across anything like beat only melody Eph 5.18 And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit;Eph 5:19 Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord. And the book of psalms we do not praise God with Drums only cymbals harps trumpets etc. when u look the work of drums in tradition was used to sermon spirits (of evil) Also Col 3:16 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord


    1. You speak of the Psalms not using drums in praise, but the timbrel or tabret that is defined in Psalms 149 and 150 is a type of hand drum.

      Though, there have been suggestions that the drums should not be used in the worship service to God.

      Also, just because a drum was used in pagan practices doesn't mean they are evil.

      I think the problem is how they are used. Remember that there are different beats that you can play on a drum and they have different effects on the body. Pagans used beats with constant syncopation to drive people into a frenzy and alter their minds.

      A seminar I watched suggested that drums were only used legitimately in the Bible in the celebration of battles being won. I hope I don't offend by saying any of this. I don't want to make anyone use a drum if it doesn't seem right. We should be very careful about these instruments.

  16. Hello guys i was out for a while didnt get to respond to few comments left LDM believes that we are arguing which i clearly state from the beginning i was not into but wen u start to see it from a picking of side view then thats what happen, my comments have points of discussion which apparently was not even considered let me repeat i am not saying beats are not dangerous so please dont read my comment and think thats what i am sayin but then if u were reading then u wudnt get that,if u r looking at it from the view that i am defending it bcoz i listen or like some rock and hip hop then ur thinking is a bit skewed,i will admit that when u like or love something or even someone it can be difficult to see the defects or flaw in such a thing or person, in jamaica dont kno about anywhere else we having saying that "two head is better than one" and that is why i ask for this discussion,Toby Mac falls into the category of rock now i am not a fan of rock i dont like music that i dont understand and cant hear the words CLEARLY i dont want any one slipping in any words that is not giving praise and worship BUT he does have songs that is not traditional rock so when i say i listen to rock and hip hop it is not all of them and i am willing to stop as long as some can help me to see that a Christian who compose and writes his own lyrics and beat/rythm with the intention of giving praise worship and encouragement for Jesus Christ our saviour is doing something evil bcoz of the beat. thank You

  17. Hi Andrew,

    The only someone who can give you the answers you seek is the Holy Spirit.

    This blog does not exist to prove anything to anyone or convince others of anything (Thank God!). I am simply called to be a witness, reporting on what I believe God is showing me; it is then up to each person to take that to the Lord for confirmation. What He confirms, submit to; what He does not, feel free to reject.

    We must prove all things and hold fast to that which is good.

    It is not our intentions or motivations which define what is Godly, but knowing God's will and walking in that. I am sure there are many people who do things "for" God out of sincerity, but that does not mean those offerings are received by Him. Take That God

    I pray that God gives you the answers that you seek.


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