Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Would Not Have You to Be Ignorant

The Love of the Truth

God says repeatedly in His word that He "would not have us to be ignorant" (Romans 1:13, 11:25; I Corinthians 10:1, 12:1; II Corinthians 1:8, 2:11; I Thessalonians 4:13; II Peter 3:8).  Yet many times we allow ourselves to be willfully ignorant by picking & choosing what we will accept as truth from God's word.  We even do so with regard to the very character of God, divorcing from Him those attributes which make us uncomfortable.  As is often said, "There is none so blind as one who will not see."

We cannot love God without loving the (whole) truth, for He is Truth.  The love of the truth is what will protect believers from end time deceptions to which even God will turn some over (II Thessalonians 2:10-11).

A message below from Min. Art Katz.


  1. Outstanding message from Mr.Katz!
    Bears witness with my Spirit in Christ about the condition of the church as we know it.
    Truth is really a place of trembling yet liberating as well.
    God bless you latterdays for posting I so appreciate you & the ministry here.

  2. Mia this message is something else, it has me shaken, this path we have to walk is so narrow it is so easy to get on the broad path and believe we are saved
    Mia we sit under men that can teach the milk of the word but no Holy Spirit so when it comes to the heavier meat of the word they totally destroy God's Word and on building our foundation we cannot discern when they shift, so we embrace every word they say and hold them up as mighty men, as great bible teachers.

    look Mia i consider myself still a babe and Christ have been investing mightily in me, He is laying the foundation little by little, bit by bit, He has truly bless me with the five-fold ministers to help perfect me and i can see in me inwardly a whole new creature arising, i bathe myself in most ministries you introduce me to, i literally eat and drink Jesus' flesh and blood. i also take time out also to do the mechanics as Pastor Price would say, my problem is taking up God's Word and rightly dividing it in my ministering. i so badly want to articulate His Word effectively, i envy you, i envy all those ministers i listen to, how can they so speak that word in season, how do you get the word divided so accurately, how do you mix the old and the new so wondrously, i desire it so much from God, i want to bring people out of this darkness, i want to introduce people to Jesus so they can have this newness of life, i simply want to get into my calling

  3. i say all that to say when i came to Christ a couple years ago God lined me up with this brother who served for more than 25 years to help me learn of Him, i think from day one it was almost always conflict, we would see revelation so differently, when Christ called me He birthed Himself in me but i just couldn't get what Christ had birthed in me understand for i had no proper teacher that had the gift of prophesy, could point me to the correct scripture to bring revelation, this brother would almost always be using misappropriation of scripture which would bring conflict so i would subject myself as he was my elder and go away with my tail between my legs thinking that maybe that was what Christ was revealing to me but it just didn't sit with my spirit then i met you and faithandreasons and all the confusion stop because this was Christ in you all helping me to understand Him, my problem now is, my growth in Christ has grown tremendously in understanding and application and honestly Mia if we are supposed to be one in Christ i don't see why we should almost always have confusion in our sharing together or can only share certain knowledge of God, it seem to me like he was degenerating but totally believing this is conformity to Christ, so i went to the Throne of Grace i couldn't take it anymore and i see he was practicing a spiritless christianity that revelation almost knock me for six literally, i was asking God how can we get that done?
    i had to go back again to God for direction in delivering this word to him. God knows i need help articulating the word and as soon as i had finished praying still looking for direction brother David Williams had just done a video named Finding Biblical Christianity, on point, on target, just what i needed. for one week Holy Spirit i sat and penned the words to say to him and i arrange a time and went to him, this guy behave atrocious matter of fact he would not even listen to the video, he ask why didn't God tell me Himself, why do i have to listen to this guy so i excuse myself and left because i wasn't about to debate and strive with him, he hasn't call me since
    God has been sending all these messages to me and this one especially stands out. Mia i love him in Christ, i know he loves Christ but he has been taught wrong but do not want to take counsel from a babe like me, this message drove me to the foot of the Cross where i am asking God to send someone to him that can clearly articulate His word by His Spirit that he can receive the TRUTH, this off balance believer is so striking i'm praying asking God to keep me, to keep His church, Mia we have to keep on this narrow path for it is so easy to be deceive.
    this message have me shaken so much, i just can't take no part of my life away from Holy Spirit, Mia open every area of your life and measure everything by God's word and His Spirit
    please help me pray for my brother


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