Friday, October 5, 2012

A Heavenly Vision

Oftentimes, it is not our circumstances which limit us, but our perspectives.  It has really been on my heart lately how much God's people need a Heavenly vision.  In these days, it is critical for us to see things from God's perspective and not man's.

In a recent conversation, someone said, "I question how such a beautiful God could have created so many enemies that will end up in Hell."

I responded, "God doesn't create enemies. He creates individuals whom He takes time to uniquely design & bestow with talents. Perhaps a better question is how such a beautiful God can continue to selflessly give & sustain life - and even have given His own life - for the benefit of those who continually and will ultimately reject His love in ingratitude."

Do you see how the wrong perspective can pervert the image of God...even for those who seek to serve Him?  From an earthly view (man's vision), it seems unloving and cruel for God to send people to Hell.  Yet from a Heavenly view (God's vision), He is the author and sustainer of of life, even for those who despise Him and curse His name.  He gives air to breathe and allows the sun to shine even on His enemies, for whom He suffered a tortuous death just to offer them the hope of eternal life.  Who would make such sacrifices??  Only our God.

It just makes sense that man's view looking up at God from the earth would be different than what God sees as He looks down at the earth from the Heavenlies.  God's view is expansive; He sees the broad picture as He looks across the ages in one glance.  He knows the end from the beginning.  How could the one snapshot in time we perceive in our glance at Him ever convey the totality of who He is or what He is doing?  If we try to judge His eternal works from such a view we will never understand Him.  We need a Heavenly vision.

The view from man's perspective might say, "My sin is too big.  It is too late for me."  The view from God's perspective says, "My grace is sufficient for you so repent and trust me to deliver you."

Man says, "This situation is impossible."  God says, "There is nothing impossible for Me."

Man fears, "God has forgotten me.  He has turned His face from me."  God says, "I will never leave you or forsake you.  Sanctify yourself and submit to my purging.  From the fiery trial I am bringing forth pure gold."

Man claims, "It is okay if I appease my flesh just a little bit, as long as I keep my "secular" life separate from my "spiritual" life. It is natural to still like some things in the world. God understands; after all, nobody is perfect." God says, "I want all of you and will prove you to see if all of your heart and soul is dedicated to me. Do not be found wanting when you are weighed in the balances. Be perfect. Be ye holy, for I am holy."

A Heavenly vision will give you peace in the midst of a storm, because you can rest trusting that God not only knows the end of the matter, but He has already provided for it.

A Heavenly vision will prevent you from questioning God's righteousness or doubting His character because you can perceive His longsuffering with man and the selfless sacrifices He has made from the beginning.

A Heavenly vision will keep you humble as you consider that we are but a small speck in the scope of His great plan.

A Heavenly vision will not allow you to get caught up or ensnared by the cares of this life for you know that the things of this world are temporal and will pass away.

A Heavenly vision will give you patience with others instead of getting offended or angry for it keeps you mindful how much we have offended our God, and yet been forgiven.

A Heavenly vision will get your eyes off of yourself so that God can give you a heart for the lost.

In the days to come, it will be important more than ever to see as God sees.  Jesus told us that deception would be exceptionally strong and many will fall away as they forget their first love.  May God give us a Heavenly vision to equip, empower, and encourage us in these days. Consume us Oh Lord as we make you our heart's desire.

Be Thou My Vision, by Catherine Lovett from Daniel & Catherine Lovett on Vimeo.


  1. Amen! This is an awesome posting as well as the "Ishmael Shall Be Cast Out".

  2. Dear LDM,

    I need help, I have been consumed by the ways of the world, especially sports, and Keeping up with the Kardashians. I get caught up in the election. I was doingresearch on Mitt Romney because I grew up hating Republicans and I was trying to get info on the Latter Days Saints and your website popped up. I began reading a lot of your posts and even though I do go to church, I go to an AME church, your posts have really ministered to me, I know I need to change and not get caught up and emotionally involved in sports or political and celebrity events, but it's hard. How do you cast of the world, my church doesn't talk about deliverance, how can you get delivered? How does God deliver? Please pray for me, thank-you.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      One thing would be to stop feeding the flesh and begin to feed your spirit more. Instead of choosing to watch "Keeping up with the Kardashians" (because if we are being honest then we must admit that it is your choice to watch it), choose to spend that time in Bible study or prayer. God is not going to force you to make a choice between Him and the world. You must do so of your own free will. But if He sees you drawing near to Him, then He will strengthen you by His Spirit to come even more into His presence. Over time, this will enable you spirit to become stronger than your flesh and your desires for the things of the world will change because God will be changing you on the inside.

      The thing is, we cannot change ourselves; we are powerless to. But God can. It is His desire to change us into the image of Christ. Just keep yourself before Him and He will do the work. As you crucify the flesh (by not feeding it and giving into its desires) the world will be crucified to you.

      Deliverance is needed when dealing with unclean spirits, yet not everything is a demon; somethings are just our flesh. The flesh needs to be crucified, but demons may be cast out. Here is a message that may help you.

      How to be delivered

      God Bless

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Djuan, :-)

      I hope you and the family are doing well!


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