Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Most UNPREACHED Message in the Church

The Severity of God

"To not major on the same truths that Jesus and His Apostles emphasized, is to preach a completely different Gospel altogether..." 

Today, many Christians are majoring in the minors.  What I mean by that is they are taking selective aspects of Jesus' life and expounding upon that, but ignore what they do not like.  They are forsaking the weightier matters of what Jesus taught in order to depict an idol called Jesus who will tickle their ears with smooth things.  Today's contemporary Christians rejoice that God loves us unconditionally in spite of our sin (which I have never found supported anywhere in Scripture), yet they never stop to think whether such "love" is enough to keep them from eternal damnation.

In the following video, Dr. Michal Brown touches on what could be the most unpreached topic in the Church.  A subject many professing Christians don't want to hear.  Yet, if we do not have faith in the full Gospel message, then we cannot say we truly have faith in Christ.  Do we really believe what Jesus taught?  May He give us ears to hear.

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  1. Good message, my main reservation of this, is Michael Brown has been involved with a couple of those false revivals down in Florida with those weird unbiblical manifestations. One can preach a good sound message and yet the spirit of God may not be in it. I am not saying God's spirit is or isn't in this sermon, however, judging by the fruit of these "so-called" revivals (I believe this was preached at one of them) its really hard discern the spirits that were manifested there. Look into
    Jacob Prasch's Watchmen Who Are Not Watchmen sermon -its even written in transcript on his site- but he mentions Brown in it.


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