Friday, August 15, 2014

Satan Doesn't Care How He Deceives

As Long As He Can Steer You From The Truth

The following video is making its rounds on the Internet as testimony of a Muslim's conversion to Christianity. Integral to this man's conversion was information he found about Jesus in the Qur'an.

First, let us not fall into the trap of believing that God needs validation from sources that are not inspired by the Holy Spirit and merely reflects the wisdom of men (James 3:15).  While things that are true may be found in any writing, the standard of truth are the Scriptures.

Yet, much of the information cited from the Qur'an as validating the identity of Jesus Christ is inaccurate and unbiblical.   These are reportedly the things that are said of Mary, mother of Jesus, in the Qur'an:
  • Mary was ever-virgin
  • Mary was born without sin
  • Mary never sinned
  • Mary was ascended bodily into Heaven
While there are also a few things said about Jesus in the Qur'an as well, more seems to be said about Mary; even having a book of the Qur'an named after her.

What some may not realize is that the statements above about Mary are part of the false doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church.  Why would Islam be so supportive of false Catholic doctrine?

In 1985, Pope John Paul II falsely stated that Christians and Muslims worship the same god, saying "Christians and Muslims, we have many things in common, as believers and as human beings...We believe in the sane God, the one God, the living God...".  The truth is that both Catholics and Muslims worship the same god, but that is not the True & Living God worshiped by true believers in Christ.

There are numerous similarities between Islam and Catholicism:
  • Veneration of a woman they refer to as Mary
  • Use of prayer beads
  • Use of repetitive prayers
  • Intense Hatred for the Jewish People
  • Salvation by works
Further, it is even speculated by some that the Catholic Church played a key role in the creation of Islam.  Nonetheless, they are both false religions designed to keep you from Christ.

Satan is like Baskin-Robbins.  He has a flavor for every person. Whatever suits your fancy, he can provide a belief system for you.  This is also why there are so many Christian denominations.  True faith in Christ is the only thing which will translate man from the Kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of light.  Anything which falls short of that is a delusion.

What we need is for a line to be drawn in the sand between the real and the false (all of it).  That line will be a Church full of the Holy Spirit, preaching the word of God in power with signs and wonders following...just as it was when the Church was born.

We must not settle for someone coming close to the truth, but still being ensnared in Babylon.  That is not a reason to rejoice.  It is not a victory when that which is false seems to give credence to some aspect of truth.  Whom Christ sets free is free indeed, not free in part; and that requires the whole truth, not a mixture of truth and lies.

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  1. I've heard similarly what you've heard it would seem. I was told that the binding tie between Islam and Roman Catholicism would be Mary.


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