Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Train Up A Child - Part 1

A Review of Education in America

Have you ever sat back and looked at our education system in America? At a micro level, things may seem to be disjointed and helter skelter, but from a global view you can see that America is right on track towards implementation of radical global education reforms.

We need to understand where we are and where education is headed, for the sake of our children...and ourselves. Over the next few years, the United States will see dramatic changes in the structure of our government, our businesses, and our education systems. The intent of this video series is to shed light on the causes of these issues.

This series of articles will be linked below via the listing of topics.

Train Up A Child Part 1 - What Has Happened?
This is the first in a series of videos evaluating the education system in America. What is the purpose of education and how is the United States faring when it comes to the education of its children? What do the current trends tell us about where we are headed?

  • Low test scores
  • Dismal graduation rates
  • Medicating kids
  • Paying for performance

Train Up A Child Series


  1. The recent events in the Atlanta school system made me think back to a middle school where I worked once. The principal told us to give the students a 50 instead of a 0 when the students didn't turn in assignments. I was a new teacher so didn't have enough guts to speak up but I always wondered if I give Johnny a 50 for nothing what do I give Suzie who tried and made a 70?
    I had a student who was 15 in the 6th grade. She was a cheater and lazy. We sent home numerous letters asking for a conference (by the child and by mail), called and left messages, sent home progress reports and report cards. We never heard from her mother. 3 days before the school year was to end when the mother received a letter stating that her daughter would be retained she finally appeared at the school. She was wearing tight leopard print pants and we could see her thong strap showing at the top. This girl had F's in EVERY class for EVERY semester! And what does the mother say? "I didn't get any messages or letters. She's too old to be in 6th grade again. What can we do for her so she doesn't fail?" I sat in shock for a few seconds.

    At the time I did not know why my students behaved the way they did. I thought it was all the parents' fault. Indeed it is the parents' fault, but now I know that it is all by design. Satan has either taken the minds of the students through music, lack of parental guidance, or abuse. I mean in the past even if a parent wasn't Christian they still taught their children good morals: take responsibility, wait for sex until marriage, study, try, pay attention, respect your elders, etc. Now those things are virtually gone from society. Instead the parents blame everyone but the child for not excelling or for misbehaving. What chance do teachers have?
    Either we have students with mush brains who hear rap music all day long and live on candy, chips, sodas, and McDonald's OR we have students that are being raised to be global citizens, to practice yoga and other such nonsense in the name of health, and to get their way no matter what.
    My current supervisor says she hates to hire people under 25 because they don't know how to think and they have extremely poor work ethics.
    God help us all!

  2. God help us all indeed!!!

    Common sense and morality seem to be lost virtues these days, and we can see this reflected in the condition of the children.

    Yes, the media in the world is trying to warp the minds, but hasn't it always? If children were not having children, if more parents understood and took to the heart the importance of being active in the raising of their children, then young people wouldn't be left to themselves.

    My father was a teacher for decades, although not in Atlanta. He informed me that cheating is nothing new, and certainly not limited to Atlanta. One year, many of his students did not meet the minimum requirements to pass the 6th grade and he was told that he had to pass them or lose his job. Our priorities as a society are simply perverted.

    The state of the human mind and the degradation of the human soul - even in the co-called "Church" - is enough to just break the heart. Surely God must intervene if there is to be any hope for the lost.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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