Saturday, October 10, 2009

Train Up A Child - Part 4

A Review of Education in America

This is the first part of the fourth video in the education in America series. In it we look more closely at the global agenda to radically transform education.

What are the objectives of the U.N. Education For All program and have we been here before? We will examine historical efforts to seduce children into socialism occurred and how that aligns with what the United States is doing today.

This series of articles on education will be linked below via the listing of topics.

Train Up A Child Part 4a - A Socialist Construct

  • A Civilian National Security Force?
  • Training our children according to the new world order
  • United Nations (UNESCO) influence in education

Train Up A Child Part 4b - A Socialist Construct

  • A Socialist agenda for education
  • What does history show us about how children are used to effect socialist change?
  • An examination of Nazi indoctrination of children
    • Making the Youth Ambassadors of Change
    • Deifying the Leader
    • Public Education
    • The origins of the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance

Train Up A Child Series

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