Sunday, October 11, 2009

Train Up A Child - Part 5

A Review of Education in America

The success of the global education agenda requires a redefinition of traditional values. One of the key ways this has been approached is in subverting the role of the family unit. Parental rights continue to be eroded, as government entities give themselves preeminence in the raising and education of our children.

This series of articles on education will be linked below via the listing of topics.

Train Up A Child Part 5 - Redefining Education by Eroding Traditional Values

  • Mandatory Gay Education Classes starting in Pre-K
  • How techniques for the normalization of homosexuality are being employed in the classrooms today
  • Charlotte Iserbyt (former Dept. of Education Sr. Policy Advisor under Pres. Ronald Reagan) shares information every parent needs to know about educational objectives in the United States.

Train Up A Child Series

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