Thursday, October 8, 2009

Train Up A Child - Part 2

A Review of Education in America

In the second part of this series evaluating the education system in America, we look at how it started. Education in the United States was initially largely private and the Bible was a main resource in a child's education.

What happened to change this? How did public education come about? Every child deserves a good education, so did our country just have the foresight and benevolence to develop public education? What were the goals of public education originally and how do we measure in meeting these goals?

This series of articles on education will be linked below via the listing of topics.

Train Up A Child Part 2 - Education Reform

  • How have individuals such as Robert Owens, Frances Wright, and Horace Mann shaped education policy?
  • What did America's first major education reform look like?
  • Do the principles behind this reform still apply today?

Train Up A Child Series

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