Friday, October 9, 2009

Train Up A Child - Part 3

A Review of Education in America

In the third video in this series evaluating the education system in America, we examine influences on U.S. education policy. Could there be a sinister intent hiding behind the faces of beautiful children that are used to promote education policies?

Barack Obama is targeting some very real changes to education in America. What are the affect of these changes and how do they align with global education goals?

This series of articles will be linked below via the listing of topics.

Train Up A Child Part 3 - Education For All

  • How do changes in American education policy align with global education initiatives?
  • How the U.S. Government is marginalizing parental involvement in order to indoctrinate children with global education goals.
  • What is "equal, universal, compulsory, government-run education"? Mandatory Pre-K? Baby College?

Train Up A Child Series

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