Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why Adam Cannot Be Saved

Several years ago, I had a dream where God spoke a word to me which I believed I was to write down, study, and share with others.  In fact, I believed it was supposed to be a book, but the mere idea of that seemed daunting.

See, I have always been a sort of "behind the scenes" person.  I am happy to help others, but never saw my service to Christ being anything more than that.  I never thought God would give me a word to share or want to use me to directly minister to others.  The silly question I thought was, "Who was I to write a book?"

As a result, I started the first two steps, but never got to the last.  It seemed the more I studied, the bigger the topic became, and over time this became sort of like the project I would never finish.  Plus, was I really willing to stand on my own faith, profess what I believe, and share what I felt the Lord was showing me?  Was I prepared to have my own testimony before the Lord & before men vs. supporting someone else's testimony (Revelations 12:11)?  Eventually, this project got placed on the back burner and it has stayed there since.

Yet, this is not about me, but the Lord.  I merely share that to illustrate how we often place ourselves in God's way.  Like Moses, we can become self-conscious and inhibited when God calls us to move, as if God isn't God and able to do all that He chooses through His vessels. It is His work He is doing and He is faithful to complete it.

Recently, God has brought this dream back to my remembrance and I recalled how strongly I felt that this message must be shared.  So, in the next few blog posts, I will be focused on doing just that, documenting what I believe He would have me to say on the topic: "Why Adam Cannot Be Saved".  

There is still much work for me to do in this area.  Posts may be sporadic, but I believe it is time.  This will be my focus, however long it takes, until it is completed.  I don't want to leave this world having left undone anything God has put upon my heart to do.  If God leads me to, I will compile these posts into an ebook upon completion which can be downloaded to be read in its entirety.

May He pour out His grace and Spirit to allow me to say what He would have me to in this hour.

Why Adam Cannot Be Saved - Introduction

Years ago, I had a dream where I was in a house. While in the house, various individuals would come up to me and speak about the Lord. We would have wonderful conversations about the goodness of God and the joy in serving Him. Then, after the conversation, each person would turn around from me, leave the house, and go back to the world.

After this had happened several times, I asked the Lord, “God, why is it that all of these people are going back to the world? They each seemed to know the Bible and to know you, but each time they returned to the world.” And God answered me saying, “Because Adam cannot be saved.

At that moment, it was as if scales had fallen from my eyes. Suddenly, that simple statement from God answered all of my questions; it seemed even as if every question in the universe had been answered.

Upon waking up, I did not have the clarity that was found in the dream and I said to the Lord, “Alright God. That statement seemed to answer everything in the dream, but I am not sure that I get it. I know that we must die to the old Adamic nature, but what are you trying to tell me?

From that point on, God led me through a study of the Scriptures that not only brought new meaning to my salvation walk, but expanded upon my understanding of man’s very existence & struggle here on this earth. In these writings, it is my hope that God will help His children to see the beauty of salvation and awaken in them a desire to be free from all false counterfeits which stymy our efforts to be fruitful for His Kingdom.


Who was Adam?
  Who is Adam?
  • The Seed of Adam
  • Who is Adam’s God?
Is Your Name Adam?
  • The Curse of Esau
  • Going into Battle with Edom
  • Penance vs. Godly Sorrow
Dead Man Walking
  • The Last Adam
  • Two Adams, Two Gardens
  • A Double Homicide
  • The Red Man is the Beast


  1. I am so proud of you!! While you know some of my own personal questions about what the Lord has put on my heart to do, this post has given me much encouragement! I look forward to seeing what's next :).

  2. Hey TheePottersHand!

    I am not sure if proud is the right word, for obedience is certainly nothing more than my reasonable service, but I sure do appreciate your encouragement!

    Yes, I know the things you have shared with me and they do remind me of how I felt those years ago when God first gave me this word. Yet since then, God has gotten me more and more out of my shell (out of myself). Even this blog has helped in that area, forcing me to be more transparent about my life and my God. He always prepares us to do that which He has given us to do.

    Just stay in remembrance that only Jesus is worthy and all we do must be done for His glory. It is then that He can work through us to do His work. May all praise be given to Him for the marvelous things He has done. :-)

  3. I look forward to reading the rest of the book.

    I must say that your walk with the Lord and these blogs have truly inspired me to walk in even greater obedience.

    To God be the glory!

  4. I'm very eager to read this. God bless.

  5. You are always an true encouragement...looking forward to this...God bless u

  6. I cannot wait to read this. You are such a blessing to this Kingdom!



  7. My Dear Sister,
    Two weeks ago I had the strong impression to write an email to you to encourage you to write a book. I never followed through with this, sorry. But please for what little this is worth, let me encourage you to forge ahead with great vigor!!!

    The Lord is about to open your mind even more than at present, to understand truths that are needed to equip His people in this last days.

    I am excited for you!

    In Christs Love,


  8. This is encouraging.

    And I can completely understand when you said, "It seemed the more I studied, the bigger the topic became, and over time this became sort of like the project I would never finish"

    This is how it happens. You open the door to God a little bit and then he begins to poor more in. Midway through the process you end up on auto pilot and before you know it the book is complete. He's going to write the book.

  9. I believe this is my first time commenting even though I have been a long time reader.

    I love public acts of obedience like this because the Lord always uses them to strengthen the rest of His body of believers.

    That being said, there's no way for you to have known this, but in God's providence, this was PRECISELY the confirmation/encouragement I have been waiting to receive as an answer to my prayers, even though it has been a couple of weeks since I've been able to stop by.

    But this isn't about me. It's about service for Him and His glory. Thanks again for your obedience. Can't wait to read this!

    In Christ,

  10. Thank you all for the words of edification.

    Bro. Mark, While the Lord originally put this on my heart many years ago, He did not bring it to mind again until recently. Vigor is certainly the word of the day for there are enough distractions in the daily rigamarole of life to work as delays. May He help me to be focused in this effort.

    Bro. Neal, that is the way it has to be. If it is not completely His work - but just me on display - then it is all vanity. May it not be so, but may He be exalted.

    Bro. Jeff, It is wonderful to meet you. Yes, it is all about Him & His glory! Amen!

    May God continue to strengthen and guide us all!

  11. I thank the Lord for you and your years of sharing on and off this blog. I also look forward to reading the upcoming book and thank The Lord in advance for the many souls that will be reached and won through your obedience.

  12. Lifting you in prayer while God using you for His Glory!

    This book is going to be Good :)

  13. Hi mia may the Lord continue to bless and keep you and yours, its blessed to be always abreast of what God is doing or what He wants us to know at this present time. May the Lord continue to speak with you

  14. by the way explain to me if what you are about to expoused in the writing of your book is it divine inspiration as the divine inspiration of writing the Holy Bible?

  15. Are you still posting things to your blog?

    Hope everything is ok with you.

  16. Hi Christhinker,

    Thank you for your words of encouragement. It is my prayer as well that I can hear from Him throughout this effort.

    I really couldn't imagine what the writers of Scripture encountered as they were led to write under divine inspiration the words of God. Although we should seek God's inspiration in all that we do, there is nothing like Scripture. That is the standard God has given us to measure truth and the be the foundation for it.

    I equate me writing this book as the same thing as me saying each morning, "God, please show me what to do today. Give me eyes to see those who need you today. Give me words to say to touch their hearts." The difference is just that I am writing instead of speaking. :-)

    God Bless!

  17. Hi Anonymous,

    Thank you for inquiring, and yes, I am fine. As is typical, as soon as I said I would do this, everything in my life got multiplied by ten. LOL

    Yet, the more the devil presses in to distract and discourage, the more we can see the Spirit of God rise up to empower us in doing His will. The distractions are merely opportunities to focus in on Jesus more.

    So, it is a slow journey, but I am making progress and will begin posting each section as I feel it is ready. In order to keep my eyes single on the mission at hand, I have committed not to post anything else until this work is completed.

    May God be with you today and always.

  18. Dear LDB,

    If I could ask for advice, I stated on Facebook that I would not be voting in this election because will not support candidates who choose evil over God. People started saying that I have to vote because people died during the Civil Rights Movement just so that I can vote. I'm 18 years old and this would be the first time I am legally able to vote. I don't know what to do? My mom said I should choose the lesser of the two evils, my dad is an Obama supporter and my grandad is a Christian but he supports Romney even he's a Mormon. My granddad said Mormons are Christians. I'm so confused. Please help me. Thank-you, I love your counsel.

  19. Hi Anonymous,

    Mormons are not Christians. Here is some info on what Mormons believe:

    Mormonism Cult

    Mormonism vs. Christianity

    In terms of voting, I believe each person should do as they are led. God can lead an individual not only to vote, but whom to vote for. I do not feel led to vote in this year's election and will not do so unless that changes. I haven't voted in quite some time.

    I understand the perspectives of those you have shared; I have heard the same myself. I have had family members deeply troubled about me not honoring the great price paid for both women and African-Americans to be able to vote. (Who, however, cares about the great price Christ paid for our sins?) Many do not understand. So be it.

    I seek to do what God desires for me to do in all things, and while I may fall short many times, I will not start trying to please men instead. Neither will I let the ways of this fallen world dictate righteousness to me. Many people have created idols out of the Civil Rights movement and even confused such with Christianity. The two are not one and the same.

    The truth is that the whole world lies in wickedness (I John 5:19) and Satan is the god of this world (II Cor. 4:4). Most people who vote (probably 99%) do so not because they have sought God's wisdom, but because they still have hope in this world. They believe and trust in the lies of these evil systems. They believe what the media and the "authorities" tell them. Yet, most of what we see is smoke and mirrors. It is not real, but fantasy because Satan is the Father of lies.

    I cannot tell you what to do of course other than to seek the Lord as you would in anything else. God can guide us in all things, even in whether to vote. But don't ever let any outside pressure force you into doing something (or not doing it) through some false sense of obligation. We don't owe any man anything but to love them (Rom. 13:8).

    There is liberty in Christ to walk as He commands and not worry about anything else. It is a precious thing to be tied only to Jesus; don't give that up for anyone because the only alternative is bondage.

    May God Bless & Guide you!


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