Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Prayer By Myself

A message from Min. David Pawson on the importance of secret prayer, praying by one's self.
  • The secret of religion is religion in secret.
  • In theory, having a secret life of prayer should be the easiest thing to do. 
  • By nature we are blind and deaf to the Lord and we must learn to communicate without relying on our senses.
  • In most things that we learn, we have to learn them as a duty before they become a delight.
  • Let your feelings be hooked unto your faith; don't let your faith be hooked unto your feelings.
  • When we persist in prayer out of love & obedience to God, we can come to the point where hindsight proves He was there all along.
  • The more relaxed with, and related to, God we are in prayer, the more we are aware of His presence in the spirit.
  • If you are having issues with being aware of the presence of God when you pray, ask Him to fill you with His Spirit.
  • There is a level of prayer which is not limited by bodily senses or mental deduction, but is made real by spiritual awareness.


  1. Rashid suggested that I listen to this series. I am working my way through the series and have only listened to the first teaching. I feel a tremendous burden being lifted as I listen.

    David Pawson has a really good way of teaching, admonishing and encouraging without making you feel like a complete basket case.

    1. Hi Tika,

      There is definitely something to be said for ones who can plainly teach the truths of the word. Min. Pawson is just one of those. :-) I really loved the messages on prayer and hope that they bless you as much as they did me. You know Mr. Rashid, he just has good (spiritual) taste. LOL


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