Saturday, December 17, 2011


transition: movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another; change.

Last Saturday night, I had a dream that Google suspended all of my accounts (Youtube, this Blog, etc.) due to content stating that homosexuality is a sin.  In the dream, when I tried to reestablish the accounts, God told me not to.  He said that it was time to "transition" to the next thing He had for me.

I can remember a time before when God told me that within a year I would no longer have the job I held.  In response, I started training one of my team members to take over and manage the team.  Six months later, I was laid off.

The funny thing is that, when I was first informed that I was being let go, I was momentarily stunned.  As I started to question my supervisor, God spoke to me and said, "I told you that you were going to be out of this job."  I then remembered the word of the Lord and had peace in that situation.  Hopefully I have learned a little better since then how to hold on to God's words and not be moved by the things of this world (especially when He takes time to forewarn us). 

God has not given me any time tables here, but if you attempt to pull up these sites at some point in the future, do not be surprised if they are no longer available.  More importantly, and to the point of this post, be prepared for there to be much change and transition soon in your own lives.  We certainly know that such is true just looking at the world's landscape to see how nations are changing.  It is almost like the world is a huge powder keg and any one thing (among the many issues around at present) could ignite it.

I also believe change is coming to the lives of individual Christians as well. I am no fatalist, but I do believe the word of God.  The things which are written in Scripture are for our admonition, edification, and enlightenment; even about the times in which we live.  As mankind becomes more defiled in anticipation of receiving the world's king (the Anti-christ), surely the church is being prepared by God to be a great light in this darkness in anticipation of receiving our Great King, Jesus.

In the meantime, I'll continue to post on these accounts as God leads.  Yet, it is only fitting that this blog would end over a topic which was the focus of the very first article posted over four years ago.  Who says that God doesn't have a sense of humor?

If there is any word that I would give in this hour it is not to be complacent.  Don't think that the way things are today will be the way they continue to be.  Do not say to yourself, "I have time", and put off that which the Lord has been putting on your heart to submit to Him; tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  Seek God to be ready for what is to come and inquire of Him to know the purposes He has for you at this time.



  1. Thank you for this. The Lord has done great work through your teaching. My husband and I were thinking about these things as well. Why have you taught us and shared God's word with us in this way? SO WE CAN STAND ON OUR OWN TWO FEET AND PROCLAIM THE TRUTH WE KNOW.

    This reminds me so much of when the Lord revealed to me the nature of the 'medicine' I was practicing. I initially thought I could just leave OB GYN and switch to something else like anaesthetics. Then the Lord showed me and my husband that all the medical licensing boards in the UK are tapped into occult entities - coats of arms with serpents ashtoreth escapeleus etc and masonic practices. To progress in this profession entails subjugating myself to these entities and denying the truth. I then thought fine I will just do temp/sessional work - but the General Medical Council now requires annual assessments which pressure you to be in full time CONTRACTED work - which I know would tear my family apart. You know what - I'm just letting it go.

    We are going to have to leave a lot behind - most if not all we take for granted - I am not perfect I can be proud haughty and self indulgent but these traits now cannot be tolerated and are a bar to the fullness of Christ's work in me and for my family.

    The Lord told me he was going to bring out the real me. I was not living when I was in the world.

    We are downloading your materials and various sermons onto hard copy - but you know what God's word and The Holy Spirit will finish the job.

    God bless you and your family and thank you so much and the time we have be used to edify His people and bring in the lost.

  2. Thank you for everything. You have spoken into my needs\life more than once in mysterious ways. Thank you, I too see this coming, and I think maybe even this very subject\article speaks in a way too me.

    As a last thing too do, have you considered the possibility of taking all the materials of this site and offering it as a download ! I have been hoarding different stuff from the Internet for years now and would love to have it!

  3. Dear Latter Day Saint,

    Your blog has been a great blessing in my life. Thank you and God bless you.

    Sister in Christ

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    God never said to me, "I want you to be a teacher." He simply led me to document this journey as He cleanses me and renews my mind. If being more transparent in this area has enabled others to draw closer to Him, then I thank God for it.

    Funny thing is, if He had told me outright that He wanted me to be a teacher, I probably would have responded, "God, I cannot do that!" LOL Sometimes, God cannot tell us outright the plans He has for us because our limited own minds would fight against it (disbelief). Yet, we can know that whatever He plans for us is for our eternal good.

    I agree with you that the purpose of any ministry is to perfect the saints to do the works of the ministry themselves. More Christians need to understand that the calling to be a Christian is the calling to be a witness for Christ.

    Letting go is critical. It doesn't matter what we thought was important, what we have invested in until now, or what we have built in our lives. The only thing which matters is what purposes God has for us. Such is the only thing which will stand. As Paul said, count it all dung that you might win Christ. Press in to Him and let Him lead and shape the rest of your life. He is faithful to provide for every need and He will complete the work in you as you go.

    No one in the world is really living. It is all a death march to very loud music so that you can drown out the fact that you are really dying.

    I pray that you and your husband will be strengthened by God to be a light for those in darkness. Be encouraged and be strong in the Lord!

    Much love in Christ!

  5. Hi Daniel,

    Yes, I too have seen this coming.

    For the past year God has been pulling me back from these things, starting with closing the message board, leaving FB, etc. When God told me to start pulling back, I wrote an article on it that actually generated a lot of wrath...even from Christians. People did not like to hear that being a witness for Christ might require a personal price beyond a few posts on the Internet.

    I had not looked into saving these articles for download. My honest opinion is that when God is done with it, then so am I, but I will ask Him about it.

    God Bless!


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