Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Prayer of Deliverance

From the Sodomite Spirit

"This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves..."  II Timothy 3:1-2a

Most people, including most church people, do not truly understand why we need to be born again.  They know THAT we have to be born again, but they don't know WHY.

The truth is that fallen man in his natural state possesses the spirit of a sodomite.  It is a selfish spirit which only loves itself.  This is not about sexual acts.  The act of homosexuality is merely the outward manifestation of self-love; being so in love with yourself that you can only join with that which is just like yourself.  What I am speaking of is the nature of a sodomite.  One can possess the nature of a sodomite and never engage in homosexual activity.

In the previous article series. "Turning the World Upside Down", we outlined from the Scriptures how the natural state of fallen man is that of a sodomite because a sodomite is merely one who is self-centered.
  • Fallen man is "upside down", preventing him from receiving that which is upright.
  • The upside down nature is due to man's soul being inverted, which causes him to be led by his 5 carnal senses instead of the Spirit of God.
  • Having been forged to be "earthly, sensual, and devilish" through the wisdom of this world, fallen man is inwardly the opposite of what he was created to be; just like Satan.
  • This leads man to reject God's established order for mankind.  A man cannot take his rightful place in society/home because he has been perverted inwardly to be feminine.  A woman cannot take her rightful place in society/home because she has been perverted inwardly to be masculine.  In this spirit, men are transformed into something weak & emaciated while women are transformed into being butch and aggressive.
  • With an inverted soul that can only focus inwardly, fallen man worships his own self and is consumed with self-seeking endeavors.
  • This results in there being only two types of persons in the world: fallen man (the sodomites) and redeemed man (the saints).  Again, this is not about sexual acts, by the actual spirit in man.
  • The Anti-Christ himself will be the epitome of this sodomite nature and Satan is working now to mold the entire world by that spirit so that they may receive his appointed king.
This is why man must be born again, regenerated.

God cannot reason with the Adamic nature, cannot show it enough love to get it to change, nor can He dress it up in the hopes that a covering of 'good works' will make it acceptable.  That nature must be killed, which is what Jesus did on the cross as the last Adam (I Corinthians 15:45).  Having it crucified in Christ gives us the power to be free from that spirit.

This spirit, the spirit in fallen man, is the root of all problems in the world and in the church.  God is calling upon His people to be converted in the inner man in order to stand against this spirit and set captives free. 

The following video is a prayer for deliverance from the influences of this sodomite spirit by the Omega Church & Ministries Center.  It is part of a larger message entitled, "A Microscopic Examination of the Homosexual Spirit." (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

One final note.  There are any number of topics addressed on this blog, yet when it comes to homosexuality, I often get questions/comments about whether this topic is discussed "too much".  I wonder if people came up to John the Baptist and asked him why he preached so much on repentance since there were so many other aspects of the Gospel worth noting and teaching?  Certainly his answer would be that he preached what the Spirit of God led him to preach.

May the following prayer be a blessing to you and break asunder the bands of wickedness which so easily beset man in these evil days.


  1. As always on point! I definitely believe this is a time where even "Christians" are operating under this unclean spirit. This answers the question why is there fornication in the church? Why are "Christians" more concerned about living their best life now than dying to self & taking up a cross.

    I thank the Lord Jesus Christ that he has set me FREE from the sodomite spirit!

  2. thank you - some excellent ministry from OM as always!

    God bless

  3. I believe it is preached on so much is because it is the ROOT of man's problems and that's where the axe needs to be laid...keep on keeping on!


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